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Photo Gallery: Orlando City vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

Mane Land photographer Nick Leyva captured the sights from Saturday nights clash with the Caps. The result wasn't what we wanted, or probably what the Lions deserved, but these outstanding shots are still worth a look!

Let's face it, that last-minute goal by Octavio Rivero was a punch right in the family jewels. The Lions battled hard all night, launched more shots toward the opposing goals than their Canadian visitors, and controlled the ball most of the night. They deserved a better fate, but this is soccer and "deserve" has nothing to do with it.

After three games, Orlando City could be sitting on nine points. Or they could be sitting on zero. So, in the end, four points is probably fair, given the team's strong defensive play and lack of goal-scoring chances.

Win, lose or draw, our Nick Leyva busts his tail to bring you the drama and excitement of Orlando City soccer, and last night was no exception. His images in this gallery are well worth a look, because, even if the result was forgettable, the game was pretty darn entertaining.

Big props to Nick for providing these outstanding shots.