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Our City

Our City: Arguing the Importance of MLS with a Non-Believer

I enjoy a good soccer debate as much as the next person, but when my friend argued that MLS wasn’t even necessary for the development of American players I was shocked enough to try to understand his point.

Our City: Changing Orlando City’s Conversation

As Orlando City’s off-season enters its opening scene, the club is subtly changing the conversation.

Our City: Miami Votes in Favor of Stadium Deal

Can we see the Miami stadium vote as a referendum on soccer in the "The Gateway to the Americas?"

Our City: U.S. Soccer Won with LAFC’s Loss

This season’s blessed expansion team crashed out of the MLS Cup playoffs to Real Salt Lake, and that is good for soccer in this country.

Our City: Celebrating a Season That Went Horribly Wrong

As the 2018 Orlando City MLS campaign finalizes the failures of this season, I’m finding it hard to let go.

Our City: Why Will Johnson is Still Starting

As this pitiful season slowly grinds to an end, some supporters are ready to play the kids and leave the likes of Will Johnson on the sidelines.

Our City: Is There Any Bright Side?

As the Lions limp towards the finish line, I’ve struggled to find any silver linings this season. I did manage to find a few positives, albeit for everyone but Orlando City’s battered faithful.

Our City: Is FC Dallas the MLS Canary in the Coal Mine?

So the legend goes, coal miners used to bring a caged canary into the mine to monitor for noxious gasses. When you saw the bird keel over, you knew it was time to worry. Does FC Dallas play a similar role in American soccer?

Our City: The Lions Need to Solve the Summer

As the end is near for Orlando City’s less than triumphant 2018 campaign, history is telling me not to get too excited for 2019.

Our City: I’ve Renewed My OCSC Season Tickets But...

The 2018 season has been the worst in Orlando City’s history, leaving some longtime supporters and season ticket holders heading for the exits in 2019. Why does that matter and what does that mean?

Our City: Should I Be Excited About All-Stars in Orlando?

As a long-time detractor of the whole "all-star game thing," I’m doing my best to be excited for the event to come to Orlando.

Our City: Does MLS Provide What I Need?

While we constantly debate what is wrong with soccer in the U.S. and contend we all have the solution, I wanted to ask myself does Orlando City and Major League Soccer provide what I need in a team and a league?

Our City: Orlando City Needs a New Narrative

As the club looks to return to winning ways, club icons Dom Dwyer and James O’Connor should play an important part in the narrative.

Our City: OCSC Can Learn from Toronto FC’s Past Struggles

While Atlanta United, LAFC, and NYCFC redefine expansion success, where can struggling Orlando City look for a historic lesson in its attempt to turn this mess around?

Our City: Former Players Planting Roots Helps Orlando

As former Orlando City and Orlando Pride players take up coaching jobs, Central Florida’s development as a soccer capital only strengthens.

Our City: Reflecting on OCSC While Watching Premier League

As the Premier League kicks off this weekend, I only seem to find myself reminded of why I love Orlando City so much.

Our City: OCSC’s 2018 Season and the Long View of History

As Orlando City jettisons a key piece of its 2018 roster rebuild, it is history, not our uninformed gut-reactions, that will tell the story in the end.

Our City: Putting OCSC Frustrations Into Perspective with Music

Sometimes the right song says exactly what we can’t.

Our City: The Rivalry That Should Have Been (And May Yet Be?)

As Orlando squared up with the Columbus Crew, I couldn’t help but consider the rivalry that could have been after a handful of intense games in 2015.

Our City: Soccer Needs a Home to Flourish

The opening of D.C. United’s new home has me thinking about the importance of places for soccer in America.

Our City: “Down With the Old World, Here’s to the New”

Watching the World Cup with a historian can be a really complicated affair, especially when it comes to deciding allegiances

Our City: World Cup Dreams

Better domestic leagues and more viewing options mean American players won’t be turned away from their soccer dreams despite the lack of our national team in the World Cup.

Our City: Supporting in Dark Times

As Orlando City skids through the darkest timeline, these are the moments that build your supporter credentials.

Our City: Is Orlando City Ready to Move Into the Future?

MLS is changing. Does the mutual termination of Jason Kreis’ managerial contract mean Orlando City is ready to change with it?

Our City: The Necessary Evangelicalism of Soccer

There will always be something insurgent about soccer in the American sports landscape, meaning we supporters can never stop preaching our love of the game to anyone who will listen.

Our City: Will a USMNT-less World Cup Hurt MLS?

Major League Soccer has always appreciated a burst of attendance in World Cup years. Can the league count on it when the home country isn’t in the competition?

Our City: A Mother’s Day Tribute

This Mother’s Day I want to remember everything my mom did to make sure my friends and I had a team and a place to play the game we love so much.

Our City: Impatience is a Virtue for Lions Fans

While supporters have often been critical of Orlando City’s performances on and off the field over the past three seasons, the club’s front office seems to be tuned in. That’s a really good thing for all of us.

Our City: SuperDraft Still Has a Role in Roster Development

Chris Mueller’s breakout season should remind us not to underestimate the talent available in the college draft, for the team willing to look for it and take a chance.

Our City: Exploring the New MLS Deal With ESPN+

Earlier this month, ESPN launched its new streaming service, ESPN+. The platform is the new home for most MLS games online, but does it give supporters everything we’re looking for?

Our City: Give Video Review a Red Card for Time Wasting

Video review was introduced to MLS as a fix to the game, instead it has broken it in the worst of ways.

Our City: Zlatan & the History of U.S. Soccer Antiheroes

As Zlatan Ibrahimović takes center stage in America, he is playing an important role as the soccer antihero that domestic athletes can’t play.


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