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PawedCast Episode 323: The Mane Land’s Future, Orlando City’s Reinforcements, Pride Players Leaving and Arriving, and More

As we evaluate the future of our blog/podcast, new Lions are coming and the Pride sign players and lose others.

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Orlando Pride v Houston Dash Photo by Wilf Thorne/ISI Photos/Getty Images

This week’s show starts a little differently. We open with a frank discussion of the situation regarding the future of both The Mane Land and The Mane Land PawedCast. We’re still trying to get answers to some questions that have to be cleared up before we can figure out our next steps. We take you through the difficult events of Friday and some of the options that we’re weighing, but there are still a lot of variables in play. We encourage folks to give us their feedback by writing to us and telling us what you want out of The Mane Land and what kinds of things might entice you to subscribe to a premium tier in order to fund the new (and, hopefully, improved) independent site and podcast we would like to bring you. We don’t know if that’s how we’ll go, but we feel it’s important to gather as much information as we can before deciding on a course of action.

Getting back to the stuff you come to us for, we discussed the two signings that Orlando City will reportedly finalize zoon. Multiple online sources report that reinforcements will be arriving from Argentina and Iceland in the forms of forward Ramiro Enrique and midfielder Dagur Dan Thorhallsson, respectively.

Orlando City also lost a couple of players, as well as the club’s academy director. Marcelo Neveleff is off to coach the Dominican Republic’s national team and the Lions will have to find a replacement to head the academy.

On the Orlando Pride side of things, multiple veteran players left the club this week, including the team’s starting goalkeeper and central midfielder, and a key forward from last season. The club’s average age dropped significantly with the departures of Erin McLeod, Gunny Jonsdottir, and Darian Jenkins, and we’ll be watching to see if the club spends some Allocation Money on replacements.

Speaking of Allocation Money, the dragon hoard got a little lighter this past week with a splash signing of Brazilian international forward Adriana. Marta’s national team teammate brings some firepower and skill to Orlando and looks to be a great addition to the squad.

Finally, we spent some time answering your questions from our mailbag, where we were asked about which new Lion we are second-most excited to see (for some reason), MLS doing away with the Allocation Order, and how we feel about dangerous pyrotechnics being wielded by possibly drunk people in the middle of a crowded grandstand at a soccer game. If there’s anything — and we do mean anything — you want us to address on the next show, just ask by tweeting it to us at @TheManeLand with the hashtag #AskTMLPC.

Stay safe and enjoy the show!

Here’s how No. 323 went down:

0:15 - The State of The Mane Land PawedCast has us explaining what happened Friday with the SBNation MLS blogs (specifically, ours), where we’re at now, and what we’re thinking about right now in terms of the future. Whatever is coming, we’ll let you know as soon as that decision has been made.

35:08 - Orlando City and the Orlando Pride have had a week when it comes to transfer news and rumors. We’ve got the latest on who left, who is coming, and who might be signing soon.

58:52 - Let’s jump into the mailbag together!