The Cromwell Investigation: Get On With It

Pride Coach Cromwell and her assistant Coach Green were suspended from their jobs two months ago pending an investigation for "retaliation." Shortly afterwards, the remaining two coaches on Cromwell’s staff were permitted by the Pride’s management to stop coaching, but, for some inexplicable reason, to continue on the payroll.

The investigation has taken too long and has led to quality professional players leaving the Pride organization.

In the meantime, interim Head Coach Seb Hines has been forced to use a volunteer goalie coach and a personal friend, with no coaching experience, as his assistant.

This is an intolerable situation.

Retaliation either means that a Pride player reported some alleged violation of the Pride’s personnel rules by Cromwell to upper management, and when Cromwell found out, she took some negative action against that player. Or Cromwell retaliated against the player before a complaint was filed. Either way, this investigation is not akin to an investigation of organized crime or who killed Hoffa. Basically, management has to decide who to believe and let the chips fall where they may.

The delay in deciding the matter is harmful to the Pride. Future personnel decisions require consultation with a Head coach. Future players will want to know who the head coach is before they will commit to the team.

Get On With It!