The Drive-In Watch Party

I watched the City-LAFC match at the City-sponsored watch party held at Tinker’s Field. It was my first time, as I had watched the previous matches on my TV.

I was impressed.

The watch party is the next best thing to being in the stadium. I felt the excitement of the game. I heard the fans moaning and cheering. I got caught up in the emotion of the game. I even seemed to like the odor of the purple smoke bombs from the supporters. (No, in a tribute to honesty, I must admit that I will never like the smell of the smoke bombs.)

We had arranged to meet with friends so we could drive into the watch party together and park next to each other. Even though masks and social distancing was mandatory, the watch party is a tail-gate party with a cast of thousands.

We were parked about 60 yards from the large-screen video display, but my old eyes were able to see the game, although I couldn’t read the "time remaining" display.

The watch party was well organized. Entry and parking were a snap. Our City female cheerleader was on the microphone and doing a good job. Security was ever-present. Port-a-potties were on standby.

The watch party may be the best alternative for soccer fans as long as the virus poses a threat.