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PawedCast Episode 202: A Lost Season for the Orlando Pride and More

We thought we were getting the Pride back this week. We were wrong.

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Image courtesy of the Orlando Pride

Time and time again we get reminders of how awful 2020 is. The latest of those reminders came on Monday, when the Orlando Pride pulled out of the NWSL Challenge Cup — and most likely any chance at competitive play in 2020 — just days before the team was supposed to play the Chicago Red Stars on the first day of the tournament.

Instead, players and staff are in quarantine and we may have to wait until 2021 to see any Orlando Pride soccer. We’ve also potentially seen the last of some of our favorite players. We discuss why Orlando made the right decision and how the players shouldn’t be put on full blast for making a wrong one. We don’t make excuses for anyone but save your vitriol. Nobody knows better than the players who screwed up that they screwed up. Let’s hope they eventually make up for it.

Our listener mail this week inquired about our future podcast plans and the likelihood of something similar to the Pride’s situation happening in the MLS is Back Tournament. If there’s anything — and we do mean anything —you want us to address on our next show, just ask by tweeting it to us at @TheManeLand with the hashtag #AskTMLPC.

We also forge onward in our Marvel Cinematic Universe rewatch with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming. What a treat to see these two MCU movies and to discuss them.

Stay safe and enjoy the show.

Here’s how show No. 202 went down:

0:16 - The Pride pulled the rug out from under themselves just days before they would have been playing competitive soccer again. It sucks, but it happened, so let’s discuss.

44:55 - The mailbag segment answers our listeners’ burning questions and then we dive into our latest Marvel movies as our rewatch heads into the home stretch.