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Ode to Orlando City Classics

The replayed matches matter.

Orlando City SC Media Day Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images

Last season, I wrote an Ode to the Friday Night Match and how happy those games made me. Times being as weird as they are now, I would be thrilled to drag myself to work on Thursday after a Wednesday night match and will never take those purple plastic seats for granted again.

With that, here is an updated ode towards all of the replayed games we are able to watch as part of the club’s City Classics, including tonight’s showing of Orlando City’s MLS opener against New York City FC.

Because you are something.

Where supporters have little to nothing,




Because we don’t have to leave the comfort of our couches.

Where the memories are flashing back in the moment.

The sights and sounds we see week in and week out in person come to life in our living rooms, game rooms, and patios.

So, here’s to you, City Classics,

To the goal-scoring



Underdog comebacks

Cardiac Cats

Highlights that remind us of why we love the Lions.

Because you, City Classics, are a sure thing.

Where we get to see the likes of those we miss,




Where the pressure is off, but the soccer is on.

Because yes, we’ll wear our game day attire




Longing to be in those seats.

In that stadium.

Sun, rain, lightning.

Pregaming digitally, supporting the small businesses that make it home.

Where you, City, give us hope.

Hope for our new Lions

Hope for our club

Hope for our city

Hope for our communities.

Hope in a time where darkness reigns.

Where you, City Classics, are something.