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What Would Have Happened: Orlando City vs. New York Red Bulls

Here are the results after three FIFA 20 match simulations.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Orlando City SC Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend was the third missed match day thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Next up on Orlando City’s schedule was the New York Red Bulls. Here is what would have happened, according to an aggregate of our three simulations from the FIFA 20 video game.

I simulated Orlando City’s home game against the Red Bulls three times. The first match was a 0-0 draw. Orlando then fell 1-0 in the second and 3-1 in the third match. This averages out to about a 1-0 loss for the Lions.

The Red Bulls dominated the first half, averaging about 60% possession and out-shooting the Lions. However, Orlando came back in each second half and possession was fairly even by the end of the matches. New York averaged 56% by the end of each match.

Sébas Méndez was Orlando’s best player. He did not do much going forward, but his rating was boosted by impressive defensive work.

Orlando did little to stop New York’s attack. The Red Bulls averaged five shots per games, while the Lions only averaged two.

It was clear that New York was the better team. Orlando had little success going forward and was on the back foot throughout. Of the few times that the Lions were able to get forward, it did not end well. Poor crosses and badly taken shots were the story of the match, and were similarly the issue the previous week against the Galaxy.

You can view the best highlights here: