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Bracketology: Your Favorite Orlando City Player

We’re setting up a bracket to find out who is the most popular Lion of all time.

SOCCER: FEB 29 MLS - Orlando City SC v Real Salt Lake

Since sports take up a very large chunk of my life, the current sports blackout we find ourselves in has given me a lot of time to think — almost too much time. To keep the madness from setting in, I’ve at least tried to think about things related to sports, which is how I landed at my current idea.

In order to properly memorialize the loss of March Madness, I’m putting together a bracket of Orlando City SC players, across both the USL and MLS eras. The purpose of the bracket is to arrive at a conclusion for The Mane Land’s consensus favorite Orlando City player ever. This is something that several other SBNation sites have done as well, so I figured I’d join in on the fun.

In order to simply construct the bracket though, I’m asking for the help of you readers. My plan is to do a 32-player bracket, a la the World Cup, and I need your submissions and nominations for who should make the cut. Comment below who you think should be included, and if you have any ideas on how certain players should be seeded I would welcome those as well. I’m also taking suggestions from TML’s staff, and by next week I’ll have the bracket put together.

From there, I’ll be narrowing things down via vote until we have a winner. I’ll probably use polls and you guys will determine who moves on to the next round and who takes off their dancing shoes. So, put your thinking caps on and I’ll look out for what you have to say in the comments!