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Vows and Promises for the 2020 Season

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One fan’s resolutions for the new season.

JGlash, The Mane Land

As the Drop Kick Murphys sing, “The boys are back, the boys are back, the boys are back, and they’re looking for trouble.” We are just over a week away from the home opener and if the preseason matches are even the slightest indication of how the season will progress, I’m pretty excited!

Last season I wanted to put some vows and promises in place to help me through the 2019 Orlando City season after a dismal 2018 season. I’m back with a renewed hope and excitement to set new goals for myself as a supporter of this club. Truth be told, I still have some unfinished business with last year’s promises, but they don’t fully apply anymore.

I Vow to be Patient

Orlando City has another new coaching staff and a slew of new players so challenges are inevitable. Last year I vowed to trust the process and I was burned, repeatedly. Instead of trusting the process, I vow to remain patient. Luiz Muzzi has been making chess-like moves for a couple of seasons now and things seem to be falling right into place. Being without Nani and likely without Dom Dwyer in the Lions’ first match/matches could prove to be a struggle right out of the gate. Add to that Robin Jansson, whose minutes are being managed closely after having missed some training opportunities, it could spell trouble for the team.

With some patience, hopefully not only for supporters, but with the front office as well, the team may just have a bit of magic in store this season.

I Vow to Stay Excited

When the club is down, or players find themselves in a slump, fans and social media go to some dark places, talking about athletes like they aren’t humans. I get it. People pay money and want to see a good product. I’ve said it before: speaking the unnecessary negativity into the universe does nothing to help the team. You don’t think Dom is upset with his own performance last season? You could see the heartbreak and frustration, and constant online bashing can’t have done much to help build the confidence he was trying to bring back.

So, while last year I vowed to stay positive, this year I vow to stay excited. That’s totally different. I can try to sell you positivity all day, but sometimes it just feels like words, like going through the motions. It can be tough to pay $15 for parking and trek to the stadium when there’s no possibility of playoffs, or when you know key figures are out with injuries or suspensions. That’s why going into each week excited and not just positive is a whole different mood. Finding something to be excited about is like finding the silver linings but in advance. One of the kids is in the lineup? I’ll be excited for him to get minutes, I’ll be excited to see the talent that landed him on a professional soccer team, I’ll be excited that the program is looking to groom the next generation.

I Vow to Spread the Love

Nothing is more motivating than a packed stadium full of fans chanting, clapping, and stomping in support of the home team. I vow to bring friends, spread the word, share special promotions, to do what I can to expose even one more person to the magic that is an Orlando City match. You all know I was not a soccer fan, but I’m forever thankful to have attended my first game and hope to help someone add that experience to their memories. Who are you bringing to their first match this season?

What are your vows or promises for the upcoming season? Be sure to let us know in the comments.