Orlando City 2021

What are everyone's guesses on who will be back and who won't?

Contracts expiring this month:

Mauricio Pereyra - I think he's our most important MUST SIGN.

Mueller - OCSC fans aren't going to like my opinion but he'll be signed, and sold.

Andres Perea -

Dwyer - gone.

Miller - I don't know. I thought he was terrible at the end of the year.

Smith - great back up if the price is right.

De John - solid back up if price stays low.

Stajduhar - no idea.

DeZart - he'll be signed.

Signed but will be sold down the road when the money is offered:

Ruan won't be in purple much longer. I think he's going to get sold for some good money. You can't teach speed.

Any thoughts?