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PawedCast Episode 184: More New Lions, Pride Off-Season Picks Up, SeaWolves Talk with Tom Traxler and More

Breaking down Orlando City’s latest signings, tons of Pride and NWSL news, and an interview with SeaWolves coach Tom Traxler.

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Nigel G. Worrall, Orlando SeaWolves

It’s good to be in the last month of our once-a-month podcast cycle because that means next month there will be competitive Orlando City soccer played on actual fields. Since we last spoke, we’ve got several new Lions’ signings to discuss, including defenders, midfielders and a couple that we expect to happen soon.

We then welcome Tom Traxler back to the PawedCast to discuss his return to the Orlando SeaWolves, the big job he faces the rest of the MASL season, and the issues that both the club and the league are in the process of overcoming. Big thanks to Tom for being on the show on short notice as he prepares to face Kansas City on Friday night.

We’ve got a lot of Orlando Pride and NWSL news to discuss as well, including a front office shakeup on the women’s side and a potential deal for the No. 1 pick in next week’s draft. We also manage to sneak in a quick OCB Minute even though we almost didn’t.

Finally, we had several listener questions to answer again this month. Thanks for the questions, everyone! If there’s something you want us to address on our next show, just ask by tweeting it to us @TheManeLand with the hashtag #AskTMLPC.

Here’s how show No. 184 went down:

0:16 - Antonio Carlos, Rodrigo Schlegel, Jordan Bender, David Loera, Junior Urso, Pedro Gallese...what does it all mean? Are the Lions done? If not, what’s next? We discuss.

32:29 - Tom Traxler joins us and discusses what lured him back to the SeaWolves, what the MASL is doing about its immigration issues, what the state of his club is at the moment and much more.

50:23 - We’re talking WoSo in a big way, with lots of interesting stuff from the Orlando Pride and the NWSL in general. Plus, the OCB Minute and our big, fat mailbag!