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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Playoff Scenarios

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Warning: This article is to be used for entertainment purposes only. Any serious use may result in unrealistic reactions.

MLS: Orlando City SC at Minnesota United FC Ben Ludeman-USA TODAY Sports

We’re really getting down to the wire now when it comes to Orlando City finally breaking through to the MLS playoffs. The whole thing got me thinking about possible outcomes, and what each might look like. Buckle up, buttercup!

The Good Scenario

Orlando City is able to secure enough points in the last six matches to secure the team’s first playoff berth. In this scenario there is dancing in the streets, people being excellent to each other, and that particular monkey is off the Lions’ collective backs. All the pressure falls away, and the Lions might even be able to make a run past their first playoff match. James O’Connor’s job is secure, and Luiz Muzzi will have time to make the moves he wants to get the personnel needed for O’Connor’s type of play. Additionally, all the supporters are so happy that in the event of an early exit, everyone simply accepts the progress made by the club and looks forward to an even better 2020.

The Bad Scenario

Orlando City falls apart to end the season and misses out on making the playoffs by quite a few points. Well, I think we all know what happens next.

Basically, Zuul comes in one of the pre-chosen forms, and the people reach for the torches and pitchforks. James O’Connor won’t be able to sit down because his seat is so hot, and bad decisions might be made all around. Forget the fact that it took Toronto FC nine seasons to make the playoffs, the fact that Orlando City missed the post-season in their fifth season will be tantamount to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man stepping on a church.

The Ugly Scenario

Orlando City misses the playoffs in the last match of the season. There is great sadness throughout the land, even though mere minutes before the whistle there was still hope for making that next step. James O’Connor is given time to continue what he is building, but not only is he on the hot seat, the supporters give him no room for error. Failure to compete for the U.S. Open Cup trophy, the Supporters’ Shield, and a healthy run into the playoffs in 2020 sets up the “bad” scenario above. People are upset and take out their frustrations by being mean online. Okay, that last part will happen regardless.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of every playoff scenario, or even a wholly serious attempt to do so. That being said, I bet at least a few of the above things will come to pass. Hopefully, it’s the “good” stuff.