Pride acquisition rumors

This is one that will (for me) actually be very short, but not sure if I put it elsewhere where it would go and how long it would stay (since the rate of FanPosts is much smaller than articles, they tend to be visible for longer period of time).

This may be out there on social media, Twitter (I've said I don't Tweet, so if so I'd have missed it) so sorry if old news, but heard a rumor at the game Sat the Pride have tried to acquire, not sure if by loan or trade or general signing, 2 European internationals (one specific I think was Lucy Braun or whomever the Lyon striker is) but was (again) denied by NWSL. Anyone know if any truth to this, and if so what are Ustruck/Skinner and Co. doing wrong to not have NWSL approve these things (other than criticize officials, which may be reason itself for leave to have a vendetta.........petty, but sure not impossible)???