A Pride Chat App

I try not to write a fan post until someone has written one after me, but it has been over two months since my last fan post, so here I go.

I suggest that the Pride create a group chat app. I know nothing about computers so I need you to tell me if there is some reason or technicality that it can’t be done.

One of my daughters is a member in a City group chat. She reads me the texts and they are a "riot." The members of her chat group are friends or friends of friends. One guy she has never met in person.

I suggest that the marketing department of the Pride sponsor an official group chat app. I must be careful in how I say the following, but it is my experience that women like to group around common interests, more than men do. I think a Pride Chat App would be successful in maintaining interest in the club, and bring new fans (friends of friends) to the club.

Tell me if you think it is a good idea or, if not, why it won’t work.