Pride Ins and Outs - My Opinion

Figured I would try my hand at a fanpost. I've lurked around here a long time (circa the end of 2017) but hadn't made a handle to post and comment until this year. I've followed the Pride since 2016. There's been a lot of talk about revamping and overhauling the team, and everybody seems to have opinions on who should stay and who should go, so this is mine. I'm only going to look at players who have been on the roster prior to 2019, as I have missed the last few games, and don't want to give inaccurate assessments of some of our newer players. So without further ado:

Harris, 24 (and Krieger, 11) - These two aren't going anywhere in my book. Not only do both still provide quality play day in and day out, but they are nearing the ends of their professional careers. Both have spoken about wanting to start a family soon as well. In my opinion, if they were being considered for a trade, they would retire.

Leroux, 2 - DO NOT GET RID OF. I cannot stress how stupid it would be to get rid of Leroux. A quality player, with heart and passion, who always seems to find space in the box AND CAN FINISH. From a marketing perspective, her and Dwyer are a feel good, Orlando soccer power couple that fans can get behind. Finally, Syds leadership, work ethic and experience will also help the on field development of the younger players we are recruiting.

Pressley, 3 - This one hurts to write, but I think we should let Pressley go. Out of our four primary centerbacks, she is the slowest and is usually gassed by the end of the game. Her major sellers are her physicality and height, but Kennedy is better aerially and both Kennedy and Reid(who seems very promising and we should definitely NOT trade) are physical as well. I also expected better backline leadership from Pressley and have yet to see it.

Zadorsky, 4 - Keep her. She is a focused and reliable player who shows up for every game. She also works well with Pickett, who I believe is also going to stay.

Van Egmond, 5 - I think its time to trade EvE. I remember watching her play for both Australia and Frankfurt, and really liking her in the midfield, but she's never seemed to gel with the Pride. Possession is not her strong suit, and her passing has no been crisp for quite some time.

Ubogagu, 6 - Another painful one to write, but I'd like to see us let go of Chi. One thing I have never doubted is that Chi always plays with heart. Every game, she's up and down the field. My problem with Chi is that she seems stagnant in her learning. Every game she seems to make the same mistakes - dribbling right into defenders, holding onto the ball a moment to long, not threading the pass when she needs to. Chi has the ability to be a world class player *if* she can fix these issues. My problem is she never seems to.

Evans, 8 - I'm torn on Evans. On one hand, she's young and has potential - I do think she can be effective for us going forward, I like what I've seen of her in games and of course I appreciate the flip throw. However, I am very bothered by the fact that it was implied she was not putting in the work at practice. I suspected there was some kind of issue when both Tom AND Marc gave her limited minutes. As a professional athlete, your job is to stay fit, regardless if you are playing or not (look at Krieger's attitude re the national team). I'm glad she's putting the work in now, but in a struggling team, is a player with an (seemingly) attitude issue worth the risk? I'm not sure.

Camila, 9 - She hasn't been back to 2017 Camila, but I think she's getting there. When Camila's on fire, she can be the creative link we need. She should also excel at Marcs style of play, as the Brazilians have always been creative on the ball and possession focused. I would hold onto her for now and continue building her minutes post World Cup.

Marta, 10 - DO NOT GET RID OF. Yes Marta is older. Yes Marta really cant do a full 90' anymore. But if we get rid of Marta, I highly doubt she'd go to another NWSL team. Her creativity is still there, as is her hustle and I mean....she's MARTA. I personally believe she (like Krieger and Harris) will be retiring soon.

Edmonds, 12 - Edmonds has always been a passionate player, and has been invaluable to us in the past. That being said, she has been ineffective for a while now. The main plus I see in keeping her is depth, but I personally don't see her fitting our new style of play. She seemed to struggle a lot with confidence issues in the past, so Id like to see her play a bit under this new regime, but if nothing changes, I think its time to consider a trade.

Morgan, 13 - I would trade Morgan. I have never doubted Alex's commitment to this club. I'm certainly not one of those who think she doesn't give her all for club. However, her interview in Time was telling to me: she is disappointed with Orlando and how they treated her and her husband. I forget who commented on it, but I fully agree with the poster who said there may be a lack of trust now between Morgan and the owners. In terms of play, Morgan requires a very specific kind of service, which, with the starting firepower we are developing now, might not be worth trying to build a midfield around. I'm curious to know everyone's thoughts on this.

Kennedy, 14 - DO NOT GET RID OF. I know this is going to irritate that one guy who is not a Kennedy fan, but I think getting rid of her would be foolish. Now I will concede that Kennedy can be inconsistent at times. That is something she needs to work on moving forward. However, and maybe its because she isn't American, many people forget how young Kennedy is (just turned 24). She's younger than Hill, Weatherholt, Pickett, etc, yet she is an effective leader, has good field vision, is a physical presence and an aerial threat. She was a huge reason why the Pride made the playoffs in 2017, and while in 2018, particularly the latter half of the season, she was not up to par, she also had surgery immediately post season. For the Pride, I personally like her at DM, but she is effective at CB too. DO NOT PUT HER IN A 3 BACK FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Hill, 15 - DO NOT GET RID OF. Young, great engine, and just inches away from connecting so. many. times. this season. Hill just needs to work on her finishing a bit in my book. Hill never really started last season, so this season, she's building chemistry with the other starters. Once that chemistry clicks, I think the floodgates will open. While the W league is a slower, different league, the Hill/Kerr combination was a beautiful thing to watch, and I think Hill can develop that with someone in Orlando too.

Pickett, 16 - DO NOT GET RID OF. This season, Pickett has really seemed to come into her own. While I will forever mourn the loss of Catley, Pickett has a grit about her that Catley didn't. I like a bit more consistency in Pickett's crosses, but I think she is a solid OB.

Weatherholt, 17 - DO NOT GET RID OF. When I think about the "heartbeats" of this team, Weatherholt is one of the main ones. An engine like no other, heart and her leadership make her invaluable to me. Should we retain them both, Kennedy and Weatherholt's (3rd and 4th in line currently as captains) leadership will be so sorely needed when we eventually do lose Krieger and Harris to retirement, babies, etc.

Kopmeyer, 28 - DO NOT GET RID OF. Again, in a year or two, I think Harris will be retired. Over the next two seasons (assuming Harris goes to Olympics), Kop will see plenty of gametime. This should let us know if Kopmeyer is a worthy replacement, or if we should be recruiting elsewhere. She makes some gaffes at times, but is more often than not consistent. Again, lets see what she does in the next year or so.

There you have it guys. Id love to know your thoughts on who you think may be victims of the overhaul in the next year or two, whether to trades or retirement. Go Pride! (and please for the love of God just one goal). :D