Skinners "fiery outburst" and state of the Pride at 1/3 Mark of the season

Ok, so like the headline writers in all news outlets, especially the Sentinel, take the liberty of an attention-grabbing headlines, I'm following suit. I of course wasn't at the post game press conference, so will take Culvers trusted word as accurate that Skinner was "as passionate as he was when he first arrived in Central Florida" and "everybody can hate me it's fine. They can say it's my fault. Tactics this, tactics that. Everything's all well and good when you manage a team on a computer............I'll take all the flak. You can hate me, 'sack Skinner' blah blah blah whatever. Im not going anywhere........we're going to make sure we are going to get where we need to be."

Wow, that is fiery and to the point indeed, a reaction to the frustration for sure. That, along with the use of the word "crisis" in today's LL post, as well as comments (including my own, which show a large degree of frustration I will admit, too) on this website, as well as Twitter (which I admit I checked as part of the research for this FanPost, what a bunch of bitchers it is with a few sane posters mixed in, but still all part of the fan-reaction mix regardless)......the state of the Pride is a mess, maybe indeed a crisis?

Recent articles and other bits of info posted on (mainly) TML have suggested that the situation Skinner inherited was a bigger mess than Joe Fan could know--as a Joe Fan I find that frustrating, would I have not renewed ST If I knew?not sure but do feel misled to a certain extent. (This now ties into another posters Fanpost and related comments on Marketing the Pride as this will be even more crucial to moving forward and keeping fans during this dark rebuild time). Skinner sure seems indeed like he is reading the social media posts, here and elsewhere (though TML commentors, while still not agreeing with how Skinner is doing things, are much more civil, thoughtful, and knowledge than other platforms, especially Twitter). So Marks (both coach and GM Marks), if you are reading this, you were handed a bigger bag of excrement than probably known, we are too frustrated and some have different ideas of how to fix it, but walk the fine line between not alienating your ever -decreasing fans and being human and necessarily venting frustration.

Well, that's my Fanpost, which since I went thru the effort of typing it I still will post, but somehow from when the idea popped in my head with great thoughts to now writing it, I'm not sure I even remember my points to be made, much less value of it. I just am struck by how much of a mess the Pride really are, how we can keep support during this (much longer I fear that anyone would like) rebuild, and still feel like we can salvage anything from this season.......or next.