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Orlando City vs. Toronto FC: Player Grades and Man of the Match

See how your favorite players rated in the 2-0 loss at home.

MLS: Toronto FC at Orlando City SC Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Grading the guys after a 2-0 loss isn’t quite as exciting as when they win or draw. I know my whole thing is “silver linings” and all, but this is going to be tough. What is the black cloud that hangs over us? I mean, other than the literal black clouds during warm-ups that almost led me to believe we’d see some lightning delays. I don’t like this; I don’t like this at all. Here’s how they performed in my eyes:


GK, Brian Rowe, 6.5 — The keeper had his work cut out for him this match and did well to defend the fortress again and again. Rowe kept the score at 0-0 beyond halftime and extended himself to make some pretty amazing saves. Right as the words, “He might be my Man of the Match” came out of my mouth, Toronto scored. So there’s that. I don’t think he’s entirely to blame though. Everyone seemed to fall to pieces in the second half. He might have done better on the second goal but there wasn’t much he could do on the first.

D, João Moutinho, 5 — Otherwise known as the corner shot creator. No? That’s not his nickname? It could be. Moutinho’s defending looked much better this week and we saw a tackle and two clearances from him. His pass rate was at 78% and once Chris Mueller came on his hustle seemed to have been reignited and we saw the pair work together nicely. Not a fabulous match from him but not terrible, though he was culpable on a couple balls over the top.

D, Robin Jansson, 6 — How exciting would it have been if Jansson’s shot in the 36th minute went in? Of course, it didn’t because, OCSC. The man is non-stop though. He gave his team three clearances, an interception, and a 91% passing average over 43 passes. He proves time and again that he is here to try and make the difference for Orlando City’s back line.

D, Lamine Sané, 5 — Sané saw one tackle and two clearances, a shot and a key pass (on Jansson’s shot attempt that was headed off the crossbar by Chris Mavinga). In his 47 passes, he led the team with the most accurate passing rate, connecting 92% of the time. But it was in the 65th minute when Jonathan Osorio beat everyone — including Sané — in a series of unfortunate events, to score.

D, Ruan, 4.5 — Off to an exciting match, we saw Ruan earn a corner after some fancy footwork, almost taunting the Toronto defenders. It was his unfortunate attempt to win the ball in the air before Toronto’s goal in the 65th minute when he pulled up short and allowed the Reds the space they needed that really stung. He kept his passing accuracy at 82% and had a tackle and an interception. He went down in the second half with an apparent leg injury but soon rejoined the team. The man is nothing if not a fan favorite, but he may need a bit of a rest.

MF, Will Johnson, 6.5 (MotM)— Will Johnson had another great match. He didn’t slow down for even a second, even if he made a few mistakes, he had the shot on goal in the 30th minute when Tesho Akindele sent him a pass and Quentin Westberg was in perfect position to make the save to keep Orlando City off the board. His passing accuracy was at 88% and we saw a tackle and an interception from the midfielder.

MF, Uri Rosell, 5 — With a volley off a corner in the 28th minute of the match, Rosell’s shot was deflected, earning another corner. Nani sent the corner right to Rosell who shot the ball way over the net. Our previous Man of the Match didn’t have quite the amazing game he did last week, but his pass accuracy at 84% helped keep the midfield in check, somewhat.

MF, Sebas Méndez, 4 — Méndez saw an 83% passing average, a tackle, and two interceptions. Other than that, he really didn’t seem to make an impact on the match at all, which was surprising to me. He’s usually so exciting to watch.

F, Nani, 4 — A wildly disappointing match from Nani. He had three shots, zero of which were on target. Watching the game in person, it really felt like his passing average was much lower than 74%. He tended to slow the pace of play to toy with defenders and then lost the ball repeatedly. I’m sure the man’s exhausted, and I realize that one man does not make a team, but he usually makes the difference for the Lions. Today, not so much. Leading the team in touches (76), he really did nothing to make those touches worth it.

F, Tesho Akindele, 4 — I almost forgot he played. The forward was out there with a 65% passing accuracy and that’s really about it. And as Forrest Gump would say, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

F, Dom Dwyer, 4.5 — I mean, bicycle kicks are always fun to witness, and he definitely seemed a bit more confident out there than he has most of this season. If “Dom ‘Effin Dwyer” scores when he wants, I’m really going to need him to want to soon. Only one of his five shots were on target, he was dispossessed three times, and his 12 passes saw only 75% accuracy. I’m certainly of the belief that Dwyer’s mojo will return and he’ll be doing backflips again — as it nearly did in the 89th minute if not for a great save by Westberg. I just hope it’s soon.


Sacha Kljestan (73’), 4.5 — Everyone definitely sat up in their seats when Sacha took a shot in the 80th minute, only for it to go wide. In his 17 minutes on the pitch he saw the aforementioned shot, a tackle, and 69% pass accuracy over 16 passes. He came on for Johnson, but I’m left wondering a bit, why?

F, Chris Mueller (71’), 4.5 — Ask and you shall receive. Almost as soon as the crowd started the “We want Mueller” chant, the kid was suiting up. He took a shot and connected on eight of his 10 passes. As previously mentioned, he and Moutinho really seem to bring out the highest levels of energy in each other. Hopefully we get to see that connect to make something happen. Soon.

Josue Colman (78’), 5 — He did it, he got out there, outpaced everyone, and looked up to complete a key pass. Nothing came of it obviously, but it was the finish on one of his plays that had me so excited. Not a lot of playing time to report on, but he did end up with an 83% passing accuracy over his 12 passes. It was also exciting to see all three DPs on at once. Is that my silver lining in this?

That was hard. I’m headed to Atlanta next week to support the Lions. Anyone else? Who was your Man of the Match? Vote in the poll below:


Who was your Orlando City Man of the Match in the Lions’ 2-0 home loss to Toronto FC?

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