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A Quarterly Burst of Positivity

Checking in on our vows and promises for the season and looking at our silver linings so far.

JGlash, The Mane Land

It’s time for the quarterly update. Let’s take some time to check in on our vows for the season and update our silver linings.

First up: vows and promises. After closing out a less than perfect season, it was easy to have little to no hope for our team as we moved into the new season. In an effort to stay positive I made a list of vows and promises for the season and asked you to do the same. Let’s see how we’re doing with those vows, shall we?

I Vow to Trust the Process

This is where I promised to remember that James O’Connor and the front office are trying their hardest to do what they can with what they have and to remember that one player does not a team make.

I stand by this. Have the Lions had a perfect season? No, they haven’t, but it’s clear that the team is making progress in a lot of areas. They’re relying on each other to create chances, finally! There’s a lot of disappointment at the end of those chances, but the fact that they are creating them is huge. It shows that their confidence is building and they realize together they have a better chance than relying on a single player.

I Vow to Support the Women

This is probably where my “grows” are right now. I haven’t made it out to a home match yet. My husband agrees though, that changes this summer. We plan to take full advantage of our time off, and by that, I mean sit in those purple plastic seats as many times as we can. The Pride are off to a rocky start and with key players being called up for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, they’re going to need all the support they can get.

I Vow to Get Over My Grudge

This is where I was still pretty bitter about losing Amro Tarek and Scott Sutter. It’s getting easier to get past my grudge as the season goes on. Watching Tarek and Sutter defend against Orlando City helped with that. Scott’s save off the line and face block a couple weeks ago had me saying, “Nice save” and “But ew stop” simultaneously. These guys are clearly talented, and while I wish we were the team taking advantage of their incredible play, I’m happy to see them still in the MLS where I can watch them play and root against them only when they play OCSC. I’m also happy those matches have ended in wins.

I Vow to Stay Positive

This one has been easy so far this season. I went into it thinking I was going to have to really get creative in how I was going to stay positive, but the boys are doing that for me. We’re a quarter of the way through this season and the Lions are holding their own in the standings. Games have been fun to watch and it’s exciting watching some of Orlando’s newest players make a name for themselves or defend their reputations while suiting up in purple.

I know I mentioned a bunch of silver linings as I checked in on my vows, but let’s get more specific.

  • Uri Rosell is giving me life! He’s been a solid and consistent asset to the midfield. In his 390 minutes this season, we’ve seen an 82% passer rate and he doesn’t stop hustling.
  • Nani’s leadership is clearly making a difference. Not only has he had a hand in most of our goals, but he’s setting his teammates up for success anywhere he can.
  • Ruan. I don’t now how differently I can say it, but his speed is so unreal. He will literally show up out of nowhere. He takes beating after beating and even when he’s in obvious pain he just keeps going.
  • Robin Jansson has been an amazing addition to the back line, he’s shown time and time again he’s not afraid to do what it takes to help his team.
  • We’ve all been surprised by James O’Connor’s ever-changing lineups, but he’s starting to see what works, like maybe Chris Mueller is a super sub (jglash ducks).
  • The Lions are balancing their wins, draws, and losses well enough to keep themselves in playoff range.
  • While they’ve still conceded some early goals, the Cardiac Cats have reared their vengeful heads to come back multiple times this season.

I have high hopes that Dom Dwyer will see his comeback and he, Nani, and Ruan will be a dangerous trio at the top of the box. There’s still so much soccer to play this season, but this is how i’m feeling a quarter of the way through. What are your silver linings?