Marketing the Pride

I read in a piece referenced in a Mane Land article that Eric Ustruck, General Manage of the Pride, said he reads what the fans comment about. He wasn’t referring to only the Mane Land, but to all comment sources, I presume. So, here’s a note to you, Eric.

I think that the main problem with the Pride is not the team. It is a lack of fan support. We do not put enough cabooses into the seats. We must do better than 4 k per game to keep the team in business. The applicable business bromide is that "nothing happens until someone sells something", and that means marketing. So, I am going to make a marketing suggestion.

I hope that my fellow Mane Landers will add their ideas.

Way back in the 60s, Dayton, Ohio, had a men’s professional basketball team that was many rungs below the NBA. At some time during every game the players would go into the stands and talk to the fans. It would be a quick hello or to answer a question about how the team was playing, etc. Whoever the players were talking with when the buzzer sounded won a prize. In addition, each person the players spoke with received two free tickets from the player to the next game, if, if, if they promised to bring a friend.

I remember how special I felt to talk with my local hero, Bobby Joe Hatton. Today, we would take a selfie with a player. Then, as now, we would shake their hand and wish them good luck in the game. I won a ham, which was a prelude to the development of my effervescent personality.

Meeting a player makes us feel like we’re a part of the team. It sticks our rear ends into the seats. Maybe this sounds a little corny (a 60’s term); but I think you know what I mean, it emotionally bonds us to the team. If a hundred of us brought a friend, 10 friends may come again on their own. Growth is not born in a revolution; it comes via evolution. Every friend counts.

Let Ustruck have your ideas.