Game 2 goal analysis...

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Goal 1

Hill floated from left to central; this left Morgan with no outlet and so she had to pass back to Pickett. As you can tell, since I'm starting here, this is more a Hill and Midfield problem than a Morgan problem. Ball comes back out and since EvE, Hill AND Marta were all in poor position they didn’t/couldn't help. Morgan, who's always in position to recieve a pass, got caught, doubled, stripped and we got scored on.

Goal 2

Chi got trapped b/c she didn’t have Weatherholt and (to a lesser extent) EvE helping fight the double. The ball got passed back, then back forward for round 2. Ali to Dani to Chi; but Dani and EvE again not helping, in no-man's land, not in position to hold a defender or receive a pass (both looking at our sideline oddly enough) left Chi doubled with no help. Chi to Ali (for the second time), Ali to Kennedy (as Ali was covered and didn't dump it out of bounds), Kennedy turnover. Kennedy could have easily sent it to Zadorsky as the pass to EvE was too risky. If we would have left Dani at central mid and EvE outside, I don't think this goal would have happened (more on first half adjustments at the bottom).

Goal 3

Need to work on corner defense (see goal 4). Probably Morgan’s mark, but it’s tough to tell as everyone is staring at the ball in the scramble and leaving their mark. Need to shift to a man-on strategy on set pieces inside of our third (as it looks like we're still zoning).

Goal 4

Bad touch by Morgan after the ball falls to her feet; these things happen. Again, 7 players are around where the ball lands and everyone else is unmarked; we'll give up a LOT of goals this season if we continue to do this.

Goal 5

This one was funny. So Harris gets the ball and Weatherholt has rotated back into her starting position (D-Mid). Based on both the position of the strikers as well as Kennedy’s ball-handling abilities under pressure, Harris HAS to go to Weatherholt; working through Weatherholt or the Wingbacks is how we moved forward in the first half. Harris-Dani-Zadorsky and Zadorsky either gets space, or Pickett is free down the wing (NCC always overcommits to the double). Instead, Harris goes with Kennedy and it’s a one defender give away. To make matters worse, Kennedy steps up and out of position instead of sticking to the player in her zone. To Zadorsky’s credit, she covers the cutback, but there’s enough front spin on the shot to get it to duck down under the bar.

The two real goals (1 & 2) are both midfield problems which is an extension of the problems ALL of last year. Dani has a place at D-Mid, Marta A-Mid, but we need wing mids. It would be great to have Narin at LM, but that's not happening this season. At the moment, it feels like the coach is going to burn himself by playing internationals or 'his' players. Viggiano might be able to play outside mid the way it needs to play, but I know Danica can (however this coach has her off the sheet and at forward).

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  • Poorly defended corners, even before the goals.
  • We're not watching trailers in transition.
  • Most of the team doesn’t know where to go with the ball before they get it (they receive then look up).
  • Too much dribbling horizontally b/c there’s not enough off-ball movement by the team (specifically in the midfield).
  • (On defense) Forwards not getting into the central passing lanes when backline has ball.
  • Team needs to have a better understanding of where they need to be in transition. They are standing still, which is good when you're in the best spot, but they're not in passing lanes. This allowed NCC to easily pass diagonally and complete through-balls.
  • Forwards started coming too deep at the end of the first.
  • No shape after corners/FKs when they can’t clear it; need to work on transition from corner/FK (in our end) into counter. 1st goal came from being caught in-between transition from defend to attack.

It was a mistake to move Weatherholt forward in the second half, swapping her with EvE; it was the biggest halftime adjustment. The move weakened the backline and Dani was always out of position in attack. The move was made b/c EvE wasn’t doing enough in attack, but moving her around and playing around her won't help (as she's in the midfield). Chi being trapped and Dani not being in position to receive lead to the 2nd goal.

Watch the last few minutes after the 5th goal, we move the ball again; but why? Weatherholt pulled to D-Mid. The final NCC attack happened (93’) b/c Weatherholt ball chased, EvE slid into D-Mid and NCC got the ball back because EvE kicked it to noone on the right when we had 3 Pride players open and ready to receive the pass.