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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: USMNT Backs USWNT, Drug Dealing, and Silly Goals

The USMNT chimes in on the USWNT fight for equality, a former soccer player caught working for a cartel, and those three goals from Saturday.

Columbia v Venezuela Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

I know we’re all still a little stung by Saturday’s loss, but just as we didn’t celebrate too much after the first two draws, neither should we despair following the first loss. We all knew it would happen at some point, so now that it’s out of the way, we can look forward to more losses. And wins. And draws. Let’s see what was on my mind this week.

The Good

Last week’s bad, has produced this week’s good. Several members of the USMNT came out in support of the USWNT’s pursuit of equal pay. To be perfectly fair, none were full-throated about it, considering they were at the USMNT camp. However, it was still good for them to stand with their national team compatriots in any manner whatsoever. This is especially true given what Graham Zusi had to deal with when he attempted to deal with the question previously. Current players Omar Gonzalez and Jordan Morris both said they support the efforts of the USWNT. Perhaps after these friendlies are done, more of the team will be able to come out and support their female colleagues more vocally.

The Bad

Ex-soccer stars are turning to criminal careers in retirement to support themselves. Former Colombia midfielder Jhon Viafara was arrested on a U.S. drug warrant. The 40-year-old Viafara was evidently tied to the Gulf Cartel out of Colombia, and was caught when involved in a car crash in the town of Cali in southern Colombia. Viafara also played with both Portsmouth and Southampton in the English Premier League and with Real Sociedad in Spain’s La Liga. Of course, this was a personal choice made by the former player, but it’s still sad to see former athletes like Viafara go down a bad path after retiring.

The Ugly

Giving up three goals is always a problem. Even if the team scores four goals and wins, it’s still an issue giving up three. The ugly part of Orlando City doing so is the manner in which the team gave up the goals. Carlos Ascues was slow to close down after a cross deflected to Orji Okwonkwo, who turned and put the ball past Brian Rowe in the bottom left corner. A little over one minute later, a very bad back pass led to Ignacio Piatti with a shot at an open net once Rowe came out to try and close down the ball against Maxi Urruti. Just like that the Lions were two goals down against one of the better teams in the east. I’m not nearly as upset about the third goal, as it was partially a result of the team removing defenders and pushing higher to get some goals. Let’s hope there’s not too much more like that this season.

There you have it, so let’s get into it in the comment section. What do you think about my choices?