Prides off season roster moves

Now with the Pride season done (yes, I know there is still 1 more worthless game versus SB, but really it's over) its time to look at the current roster and make my highly intelligent and long-promised Fanpost on roster moves for the off season. Im just waiting for the FO to call me, but until then here is my player eval and who should stay or move on. This is also predicated on potential NWSL expansion, that may add a different dimension for some player movement, I admit I'm too lazy to look at how the rules work for that possibility. Also, can't ignore that WC is happening, and how that will affect team........and how valued international spots need to be, at least for next year.

That said, here goes:

Morgan - duh, most obvious choice ever, she stays. But........if LA expansion happens and she desires/forces a trade, then get a Queens ransom for her. This may turn out to be the most interesting trade discussion of entire NWSL off season. I hope it's a boring off season!

Harris - close 2nd on most obvious choice. Kopmeyer good enough to be full time starter if Harris were traded for yet another queens ransom??

Marta - tied for 2nd most obvious choice, only because of age but want her back for sure

Pickett - return. Up & down season, but certainly one to have back

Zadorsky - return. Same as Pickett (this will be a recurring review on many.....But whole season was up and down)

Kennedy - return, same as Pickett. BUT as a CB. Shorter patience warranted under (hopefully) new regime

Krieger - return, but.........pains me to say this, skills have lessened but her leadership and intangibles make her a return, potential share more time with another LB, too. And........she is not a CB!!!!

Weatherholt - maybe a tie for 1 or 2 most obvious choice. Need to find 10 more of her!

Narin - return, only as a more consistent starter

Camilla - see above, same as Pickett. Another on it pains me to admit, but a shorter patience, too

Leroux- definite return

Hill - definite return

Evans - definite return, and maybe we get to see if she can actually play at NWSL level

Pressley - return, but for depth. Still young enough to keep on roster, too

Now, for me, it gets harder with the remaining. Some are holding international spots, is that a good thing in a WC year? Do we need to rely on Internationals as much since we are no longer an expansion team? Is it worth it to trade those spots for youth at CB or acquire international (European) CB and forward, especially if Alex goes to LA? Or some other need?

Obagabu - she drives me (& most everyone around me in stadium) nuts, knee jerk is release or trade but IF good coaxh who can develop players is hired, worth another year.

Edmonds - another knee jerk is release/trade, but her versatility and ability good. Another one waiting for a good coach to use her properly, whatever that may be. Goes with way for me

VanEgmond - takes international spot, sure a good player but release or trade, didn't show nearly enough

Monica - another painful choice for me, but we need to go younger here for depth

Polianna - massive dissapointment, international roster spot....release/trade

So, there you have It. Thoughts/feedback appreciated. As mentioned, a few different things In play. International spots, youth needs, etc. What did I miss?? I think a roster of 15-16 sure-fire players & 4-5 to develop is best course of action.