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FIFA 19 Ratings Out for Orlando City SC

Who are the highest and lowest rated Lions in the game?

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There are some things in life that are an absolute certainty. The sun rises every morning, the grass is green, the Cleveland Browns are bad at football, and every year EA Sports releases a new FIFA game. The release of this year’s FIFA 19 is just around the corner and, as usual, EA has released the ratings of the players in the new edition of the game. After having had a look at the Orlando City ratings, they’re... interesting. I won’t go through the entire list, which you can find here, but I’ll go over a few of the ratings that I found noteworthy.

Highest Rated Player: Lamine Sane

If you aren’t familiar with the game, players are ranked either gold, silver, or bronze depending on how good the folks at EA decided they are. Orlando City has one lone gold player, the 75 overall ranked Senegalese center back. His defending and physicality stats are the best, at 73 and 76 respectively, while his 44 shooting is atrocious. The defender actually lost two points from last year’s 77 rating, with both his defending and physicality stats taking four- and one-point hits, respectively.

Most Underrated Player: Yoshimar Yotún

Considering that Yoshi played in the 2018 World Cup, played pretty well, and is widely considered to be Orlando City’s best player, it seems a bit harsh for him to only be rated a 72 overall. Dom Dwyer is also a 72, and while I almost put him in this spot instead, I think Yoshi is a bit more hard done by. His passing, possibly his best attribute is only rated at a 73, while Sacha Kljestan is the only Lion with a better passing number at 77. It just seems a bit low for him. I also think only having a 59 shooting rating seems a bit low for him. As a whole, Yoshi’s overall rating increased two points from last year’s 70, but it doesn’t seem like quite enough to me.

The Speedster: Mohamed El-Munir

It probably shouldn’t be a surprise that El-Mo is the fastest player on the team, with a pace rating of 86. The Libyan has shown off his wheels multiple times over the course of the season. He has an overall rating of 69 and his next best stat from his speed is his dribbling, which is a 68. Funnily enough, his 65 defending stat is his fourth-best rating, something that might make sense to Orlando fans who have watched some of the games where he’s struggled.

The Rookie: Chris Mueller

I was curious to see what they rated Mueller. After a red hot start to the season, he has definitely trailed off, but by no means has it been a bad season for him. Mueller is a bronze player with an overall rating of 62, with his 78 pace being his highest attribute. After that comes dribbling at 63 and shooting at 60. Realistically, that overall rating might be a bit low for him, but I expect if he had continued to bag a few goals as the season progressed then it would have been increased.

Overall, the ratings seem fair enough. There are some that I find odd, but nothing’s going to be perfect and in the end most of the rankings probably suffered from the team’s atrocious form since the start of summer, which would be pretty tough to argue with. Cam Lindley is the club’s lowest-rated player, at 55, one point lower than goalkeeper Mason Stajduhar, who has yet to see an MLS minute.