Prides playoff push, and odds of being in playoffs

Apologies in advance if I'm stealing the thunder of a ManeLand writer working on this same idea, but I've been pondering this and curious the schedules of the other contenders (Seattle, Portland, Chicago, and Utah) for the spots after NC (who is going to win the whole thing regardless of who makes the playoffs........even beat arguably the best non-national team in the world a few days ago without their own USWNT players).

This is not another rant about how the Pride have twice been in the position of earning second place but didnt seal thendeal (but thats the case), underachieved all,season even in their wins (thats accurate), & yet to put together a full game--much less streak--of what they are capable of doing (again, accurate statement). Rather, this is a "they are where they are" look at the Prides position as of today and the road they & their rivals face to the playoffs. As of today they are in a very tenuous 4th place spot (only because Chicago and winless SkyBlue were rescheduled in one of the more bizarre postponments in recent sports history).

Remaining schedules (not in chronological order)

Seattle Reign - DC, at Utah, Houston, NC, Chicago, at Portland

Orlando Pride (1 less game to play than the others) - SkyBlue, Portland, at NC, Chicago, at SkyBlue

Portland Thugs, I mean Thorns - at NC, at Orlando, Chicago, SkyBlue, at DC, Seattle

Chicago Red Stars - NC, at Seattle, at Portland, at Orlando, SkyBlue (twice) I think SB twice, make up game not listed on NWSL site that I saw & no other games listed

Utah Royals - at Houston, Seattle, at SkyBlue, at DC, Seattle

It appears Utah has the most favorable schedule, but they have the most points to get to catch up, but ironically the seem to match up best versus NC based up results this season when the two have played. Chicago appears to have the hardest schedule, especially with all the travel. Seattle is in best position to earn and keep 2nd place, even their travel schedule not too bad. Portland seems to have a hard schedule as well, tough to pick between them and Chicago. Finally, the Pride: who knows for them if the schedule unfavorable or not, they've done things the hard way all year--game against NC is a loss for sure, others at home are winnable, but.................

So, what are the thoughts of those few of you in Pride-land????? Do we make the playoffs and get another road trip to Seattle (loss) or NC (loss at best, smeared a possibility)????