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Twitter Reactions to Last Night’s Unbelievable Penalty Call Against Orlando City

The call that ruined the Lions’ bid for a road win in Columbus drew many public reactions.

MLS: Orlando City SC at Columbus Crew SC
This should never have happened.
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

A favorite saying of former Orlando City and now Minnesota coach Adrian Heath is that “goals change games.” Well, by the same token, calls that provide teams with goals can also change games.

We saw a perfect example of that last night when Silviu Petrescu inexplicably awarded the Columbus Crew a penalty very late in last night’s match on seemingly routine — and light — contact between RJ Allen and Patrick Mullins. The Crew forward went to ground and rather than being admonished to get up, he was rewarded with a game-changing call.

Petrescu went to his earpiece and then awarded the penalty anyway without taking a second look at the play himself on the monitor. He even confusingly made the VAR symbol with his hands, which is generally used to indicate a change of a call, but the call wasn’t changed, and the veteran referee doubled down on an awful decision.

After the match, Petrescu responded to a pool reporter’s questions, stating that, in his view, Allen had charged into Mullins from behind. Allen didn’t “charge” anyone but since Petrescu relied solely on VAR Jon Freemon and didn’t review the video himself, he passed the buck on the final decision rather than see for himself if he’d erred.

It was honestly so confusing that many people weren’t even sure if the play was, in fact, reviewed at all.

Below is a collection of some notable reactions on social media, starting with the more measured and politically correct things that were said right after the game.

First up, James O’Connor and Sacha Kljestan right after the match:

Other players, former players, and front office personnel gave their thoughts.

Our basketball brethren with the Orlando Magic took note of the play as well.

Writers for and other sites weighed in.

Did you see any other notable reactions? If so, please share them.