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Alex Leitao: Next Orlando City Coach Expected to Win with Current Roster

The Lions’ CEO said the club believes in the current roster and there will be no rebuild.

Austin David

Orlando City CEO Alex Leitao said that the next coach of Orlando City will not be coming in to rebuild the roster. Leitao addressed the assembled media prior to Orlando City’s match against the Montreal Impact – his first such press conference since the club parted ways with Jason Kreis just over a week ago.

There wasn’t much new to report. Leitao would not mention any names of potential candidates or say who the club has talked to so far; however, he did make it clear that the club isn’t interested in a coach who will tear the current roster apart.

“The way we are approaching this is we have the profile that we want,” Leitao said. “It’s very important and we’ve been telling all the candidates that this is not a rebuild process. This is the group of player that we believe (in). We believe they are very, very strong. They have to come here understanding these are the players they are going to coach.”

Leitao did say that the number of coaching candidates that contacted the club with interest in the vacancy was impressive.

“It’s incredible, the response. It’s very good to know that this club is a very, very desirable club,” he said. “We didn’t hear a ‘no.’ We had hundreds of candidates and coaches interested in coming and doing the job because they believe in this club, they believe in this group of players and they believe we can succeed.”

City’s CEO said the move was made to replace Kreis based on several factors, going back a couple of years.

“A week ago we took the decision looking back of the last two years of the work, and especially the last games of the season, and we thought looking into the future and looking into the continuation of this season it would be the right moment for us to move on and try to find another coach that can put us in the playoffs and give us the objectives that we want for this club.

“We have a lot of respect (for) Jason Kreis and the coaching staff. We realize and we know that they did a lot of good things for the club and we wish them all the best in the continuation of their careers.”

Leitao wouldn’t comment on when fans can expect a new coach named, backing off a bit from reports earlier this week, when he mentioned the club would like to have a name by next week.