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Orlando City vs. Chicago Fire: Photo Gallery

An album of images from the Lions’ 2-1 loss at Orlando City Stadium.

Dan MacDonald, The Mane Land

Orlando City won six straight before its current three-game skid, so the club is still +3 in that department, but it’s never fun to see a team completely dominate like the Lions did to the Chicago Fire and walk off the pitch with no points. But that’s what happens in the game of soccer sometimes. It’s better to have a good performance and lose than a bad performance and lose but somehow they often feel exactly the same.

But it wasn’t all bad. Josué Colmán got some much-needed minutes, Cristian Higuita is chipping in offense more consistently now, and a makeshift back line mainly played well, with one goal coming off a direct free kick and the other from long range.

As the Lions prepare to hit the road for a month, we hope you enjoy these images from the team’s final home game of May.