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Orlando City and the Summer Transfer Window

The Lions should stand firm and resist the urge to add any big names this summer

MLS: Portland Timbers at Orlando City SC Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The world is just a few weeks away from the majority of the European leagues finishing up for this season. This typically leads to the beginning of the “silly summer transfer season,” a time when paychecks get elevated, players make a ton of money, and teams realize their investments and rake in those dollar signs. The biggest question on the horizon is should Orlando City look to the summer window for additional personnel, or wait and see how the current roster settles in?

There may be some quality that might be willing to make the jump this off-season for the rest world to MLS. China’s Super League has shown it is willing to spend ridiculous money on big-name players, and the recent change of MLS rules has made it easier for clubs to reach out and bring in name players.

Bringing in big-name talent is not the only reason to look abroad. With teams like West Bromwich Albion, Crystal Palace, and Stoke City — a team with some history with Orlando City — sitting in the relegation zone, there are players that will become available to the world. But, is this something that Orlando should be focused on? Honestly, introspection is more important than investigation at the moment, in my opinion, as bringing in players will only confuse the current situation.

Oriol “Uri” Rosell should be ready to play 90 minutes soon. Currently, Dom Dwyer, Stefano Pinho, and Chris Mueller are making defenses nervous. The midfield is starting to gel. The 4-2-3-1 looks about as solid as it can. The Lions are about to reach the precipice of some difficult decisions as players have staked claims to starting spots in recent weeks and those that many thought would start have been used as substitutes — Cristian Higuita being a prime example in his performance last week. The match changed dramatically after he came on in place of RJ Allen, although Will Johnson moved to the right back position as Higuita settled into Johnson’s defensive midfield position.

At the beginning of the season, Jonathan Spector was named captain, and has performed admirably when available. Unfortunately, he seems to be dealing with lingering affects from the concussion sustained during the match on March 17 versus New York City FC. Lamine Sané and Amro Tarek have been nothing but steadfast in defense — admittedly shaky at first, but rising to the occasion, and making every minute count — leading to the road shutout last week.

The team is gelling quickly, and with more minutes comes the better psychic ability to know where your teammates are, and where to send that pass to lead them across the white line and into the promised land. Dom Dwyer certainly has his confidence back, and Mueller, well, is rising like cream to the top.

If you look at the landscape of the international market, can you think of a player — and be realistic here, an affordable player — that you would want to inject into the mix as it stands right now? Honestly, I cannot, so change my mind. I want to see the current squad have a chance to prove me wrong before anymore personalities, or challengers, are interjected into the mix.

The Lions are not getting Mo Salah, so please don’t bring a player like that up. This team has the current mix it needs, it just needs to get and stay healthy, have a few more weeks to work on the communication, and just settle down. I honestly believe Orlando City is set, but please, prove me wrong. Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree, and drop names if you need, but just be realistic. Messi isn’t coming any time soon.