Pride and NWSL schedule now that USWNT pre-WC schedule released

Now that (it appears, anyway) that the NWSL schedule outline is out and the USWNT pre-WC games are set, does anyone have a feel for tomthat will affect Pride, assuming we a) ever get a head coach named to model/revamp any of the roster and b) we will still have just our two USWNT players (Alex and Ashlyn). Is it known how our Aussies and Brazilians (again, assuming they still with us after any roster changes made before season) will be affected??

Glad there are more Sat games and less weeknight games for NWSL, still wish they did a home&home for playoffs and championship. Not heard about any expansion for next year, either, so guess that off for another year--on one hand take advantage of WC but understand on other may he a bit ambitious during WC year.