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Official: Cyle Larin-to-Besiktas Saga is Over

Orlando City has agreed to a price with Besiktas for the Canadian striker.

New England Revolution v Orlando City SC Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images

It’s officially over.

So long, Cyle Larin. Orlando City and Turkish club Besiktas have finally agreed on a transfer sum for the now former Orlando City striker. The club officially released a brief statement announcing it had come to terms with Besiktas J.K. in wording that made it obvious where the Lions stand in regard to the way the entire matter was handled:

After recognizing the existence of a valid contract, Beşiktaş J.K. has agreed with Orlando City SC on terms for the transfer of forward Cyle Larin to the Turkish side for an undisclosed fee.

Although the Club was disappointed with the unacceptable behavior of the athlete and his representatives, a decision was taken to guarantee compensation with the Club’s future in mind.

The Club looks forward to focusing on the upcoming season with staff and players who honor and respect the strong values of the Club and commitment to our community to lead us through 2018 and beyond.

The statement is telling. The club usually goes out of its way to include quotes from either coaches or GM Niki Budalic thanking players when they move on and wishing them well. Not so in this case.

News of the agreement was first reported by Alicia DelGallo on on Monday evening. Although the club did not announce the amount of the transfer, DelGallo’s sources said the fee was substantial — north of $2.3 million.

Full details of the transfer are not yet known, but Beşiktaş will pay Orlando City a seven-figure transfer fee higher than the estimated $2.3 million previously reported by various Turkish media outlets.

Orlando City will keep the full amount of the transfer fee because of the lengthy ordeal instead of giving 30 percent to the league and 10 percent to the player as is usual for a third-year Generation adidas player, per sources.

The key here is that because of the shenanigans perpetrated by Besiktas, Orlando City will retain the entire transfer fee. Obviously, this deal wasn’t normal, allowing Orlando City to make out better than usual, despite the posturing by the Turkish club.

During the 2017 season, Larin’s production went down compared to previous years, lowering the amount that Orlando City was hoping to receive for the young striker. Add in the DUI during the 2017 season, and things were not great. Weeks ago, Cyle made it clear he wanted to head to Europe. This set off a strange series of events that burned every bridge Larin had with the club that gave him his professional start, as well as the fans who had supported him for three seasons since he became the club’s first ever SuperDraft selection.

Larin won the 2015 MLS Rookie of the Year award, represented OCSC at the 2016 MLS All-Star Game, and even scored Orlando City’s first goal in MLS competition at the club’s new stadium. He provided two hat tricks among his 43 club goals over three seasons — one at each New York club — and was the team’s most reliable offensive threat for three years.

What happens to Larin at Besiktas is anyone’s guess, and there are rumors he’ll immediately be loaned out, but that’s no longer our concern. For Orlando City SC and for the fans, it’s time to move on from the drama that was Cyle Larin.