Can Pride clinch playoffs this weekend with a win??

Apologies in clogging up the Fanposts with another one on this topic, but not sure if I ask in Lion Links or other place if will get seen/answered.

In looking at NWSL standings, if my calculations are correct, if (when!) we beat Seattle this weekend (hopefully Irma not affect that) we will clinch since there will be then only two games left, we would be 8 points up with 2 games to play (so Seattle couldn't catch us) and then even if both KC and SkyBlue win out we have tiebreaker over them since head-to-head is first tiebreaker, so we'd be in?? Is my math correct??

If course if we tie, then all kids of other scenarios come into play. If we lose (we won't!) then even more, but to keep it simple I think if we win we are in, correct??

Now, whether it's better to be the 3 seed and go to (likely) Portland or 4 seed and travel to NC, that will be determined. Possible to have Chicago still be 2 and us 3 (but not likely) that that would be interesting trip, too. See how it all plays out, but have to win and get in first.