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Meet the New Guy: Mike Spillane

So Mike Spillane is the new guy here. This is an article about him.

It’s been a long time since I’ve got a photo of me doing anything soccer related. So here’s a picture I dug up of me with my old competitive team.

Born upon the foggy shores of Long Island, NY, a new titan of typing was born, with his sole purpose in life being to write for The Mane Land. In all seriousness, though, it is an honor to be joining the staff here at The Mane Land, and I might as well give you all some insight as to my qualifications.

I started playing the game of soccer around the age of eight years old in New Port Richey, FL (about 40 minutes north of Tampa). I played regular rec leagues for a few years until a travel team scouted me. I played with them for a few years, before moving back to play with the competitive travel team from the club I originally started with (kinda like a Rooney/Everton situation right?). I played there through the end of high school, while also juggling playing for my school, J.W. Mitchell High School.

Unfortunately, though, I had to give up school ball my senior year, which ended up costing me a state championship and possible scholarship opportunities. But it’s not all bad news, because if that had never happened, there is a chance I wouldn’t be so connected to Orlando City. I moved here fresh out of high school and attended UCF in 2010 and received my bachelor’s in 2014 for cinema studies (if anyone ever wants to talk movies with me, please, let’s do so in the comments, favorite movie of all time is Goodfellas).

While at UCF I still played intramural soccer for a few years. And for my last bit of experience, my first job was as a soccer referee, I was a weekend official for about five years until travel ball took over a little bit more for me. So if I make some controversial statements, I’m prepared to roll with it and take the criticism, just like all referees do, except for maybe PRO referees. I started attending City games when Dom Dwyer set the USL on fire in 2013. That year I watched in the stands as the Lions beat the Colorado Rapids in the U.S. Open Cup, and as Dwyer put four in the back of the net as we won the USL title in the Citrus Bowl. I attended the party announcing our MLS franchise (free purple Heineken was a nice touch), and also the first MLS game as we filled the bowl. There have been a myriad of games attended in between, those are just the primary highlights.

Aside from my qualifications, I live a very simple life. I currently live in Winter Springs with my very supportive girlfriend, Mallory, whom I love very much, and our dog Shea and our cat Lu. When I’m not working, writing, or watching games, I enjoy checking out new movies, stopping by Sports Town for a beer, and playing Rocket League (I play on Xbox One, I’ll drop a gamer tag in the comments if anyone wants to play together).

And that’s pretty much it, to be honest. I’m a very simple man. But if there is anything else you all would like to know about me, please feel free to leave a note below, and I will be glad to try and answer you in the least awkward way possible! See you next time, Mane Landers!