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Pride Pub: Orlando City vs. FC Dallas

The Pub is back for the match against FC Dallas with the grub and grog for your tailgate or watch party.

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Orlando City SC Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Note: We at The Mane Land believe in the responsible consumption of alcohol. If, as an adult of legal drinking age, you decide to drink alcohol, we urge you to please ensure you do so in a safe manner, and never drink and drive.

It’s the last match in September, and while Orlando City is not necessarily playing for a playoff spot, it doesn’t mean the team shouldn’t play for pride against FC Dallas. Err...that’s pride with a small “p,” as the Pride with a capital “P” are indeed headed to the playoffs. Regardless, we still need to support the Lions, and we can do so with excellent beers and food.

Just a reminder on how this works: we choose a craft beer from the country/state/city of our opponent and we include an appropriate recipe to go along with it. Of course, we also choose a Florida craft beer to complement our other recipe and to represent our Orlando City Lions here in the beautiful Sunshine State.

From Texas: Shiner Oktoberfest, Spoetzl Brewery

Shiner is a part of Spoetzl Brewery. Spoetzl was founded by German and Czech immigrants, so it’s no surprise that they would have an Oktoberfest beer (also known as a marzen). I figured it was close enough to October to allow this beer.

According to the brewery:

"Here in Shiner, TX (pop. 2,070), we’re suckers for tradition. Which is why this classic Oktoberfest brew is made with the highest quality two-row barley, Munich and caramel malts, along with German grown Hallertau Tradition and Hersbrucker hops. It’s our way of honoring our ancestors and the beer they loved to celebrate with. So raise your stein to tradition and enjoy this utterly classic brew."

Pair with: Pretzel Ring Beer Cheese Dip. Oh yeah! That’s right everyone, it’s advanced class time in the Pub. Nothing goes with a marzen beer better than some pretzels and beer cheese dip.

Dave’s Recommendations: Beer Cheese Dip. I thought that was pretty obvious.

From Florida: Reef Donkey Pale Ale, Tampa Bay Brewing Co.

Sometimes the best ideas come like a lightning bolt out of the sky. Some of the Tampa Bay Brewing guys were sitting around drinking and trying to figure out what to call their new pale ale, when out of nowhere the owner cries out “reef donkey.” Well, after someone says something like that, they conversation is simply done.

According to the brewery:

"Dry-hopped American Pale Ale that drinks like a session IPA. Motueka, Equinot, & Citra give this beer a lemon/lime aroma with a citrus/tropical fruit flavor. Reef Donkey is slang for the popular Florida game fish, Amberjack, which inhabit our coastal wrecks & reefs.”

Pair with: Baked Honey Garlic Chicken. The honey will pair well with the fruits in the beer, and the garlic will provide a different taste. Simple to make, but a complex pairing that will make your tastebuds take notice.

Dave’s Recommendations: Crash Hot Potatoes. This is an interesting Australian twist on baked potatoes. There’s plenty of crispy areas once they are done, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by Pride Pub, and please let us know in the comments which pairing you decided on for your watch party. Go City!