The Prides' Playoff Push

I've posted quite often, passionately, and generally not in a positive light about the Pride's season in general and their performance. It's not a personal thing, I just want them to succeed and perform as they are capable (like all Pride fans, I know). There are a myriad of reasons they are in this position, but that's maybe another post for another time and not my focus. Moving forward, being positive since in looking at NWSL standings, there is actually reason to be positive.

I've mentioned as recently as this weekend the post-season is on life support, but upon review while it's not great nor certainly where it should be at this point of the season, it's not quite so dire (unlike the Lions, who are on playoff life support, and even if they get in they will be very challenged to advance through, if not humiliated in, the playoffs). . BUT, the time for them to perform is NOW!!! Having coached a few years at the high school level, I've learned that while winning in the regular season is great (or in NWSL, winning the Supporters Shield) and the level of excellence we should strive for, winning at the end of the year--playoffs--is more important. So, hope still springs eternal, especially for the Pride, since they have the tools to make a deep run in the playoffs IF they get there.

That said, again, they must start to perform and get points out of the rest of their games. Is the feasible? YES!! The next 5 games are versus teams either tied with or below them in the standings, and then the final three (2 of them at home in September, against teams not used to Sep heat and humidity--Portland and Seattle) are winnable or at least ones where points are feasible. This is not to disrespect or overlook any of the teams at/below us, as we have learned in the NWSL there is parity and any team can beat any team, bottom can beat top (and has when Boston beat Portland earlier this year), so Pride can't and are not good enough to be over confident. But, this is their time to make their move. It would be great to have as much fan support (which yes, winning helps with that issue) as possible as they make their push, maybe some disenfranchised OC fans will come support the Pride?!!

Ladies, this is your time, your moment, all of the issues of the past don't matter. It's a new year basically, play to your abilities, play smart, hopefully the coaches will do their part, and give this city that has suffered through a lot of really bad professional teams lately (OC and Magic) something to rally behind.