Updated Pride playoff status - if ur following & U SHULD BE!!

Yes, the men tend to get the attention--I get that. Yes, I've badgered lately to get people to care about the Pride (OCB fans can do same, props to them for their current form, too--I'll let LuvOCBFamily write their playoff scenario). For those new to the Pride party--& we welcome all bandwagon or late-comers!!--here is your playoff-status primer.

Barring a total collapse, Pride are going to the playoffs!! There are four games to play for most teams (NC has even more after Harvey postponed their game in Houston this weekend & finally play their midweek game this Wed) and Pride are in essence two wins ahead of closest teams, Sky Blue only 3 behind but we have tie breaker over them so they need 4 points more to pass us. Chicago's schedule is pretty tough (more below) unsure of their tiebreakers but likely looking at NC, damm Portland, Chicago, and our beloved Pride as top four in playoffs.

It's possible NC can be caught since they will now play quite a few games last part of season (remember that for later) but likely they will have #1 seed. That leaves damm Portland at current #2 and Chicago #3 (they have tiebreaker over us) & beloved Pride at 4. Pride have challenging finish BUT 3 of last 4 are at home (Boston--should/better win--,Seattle--not easy but should win--,& damm Portland) before last game at NC, very tough game BUT as mentioned maybe tired legs since they will have many games to play & make up. Damm Portland has easier road but we might catch them, they'd have to lose to us and one of their other games (home vs. Boston--likely win, at DC--probable win--, home vs. Chicago--win but not easy & pray Chicago wins). Here is where it gets interesting: when we beat damm Portland no head2head tiebreak, so comes down to goal differential so, sadly (I hate running up score), it comes to beating a team badly and scoring a lotta goals because next tiebreaker is total goals scored. Chicago has difficult schedule, at KC (as we saw Sat no easy win), at Houston (likely win), NC at home (anything happen there), & finish at Portland. There you have it, hopefully I didn't just confuse you even more.

Now, what's best scenario for Pride? 1 or 2 spot of course, not sure 1 is attainable but 2 is, with help. Chicago, with their schedule, may fight for their playoff life, regardless likely--but far from guaranteed--we finish at 3 and head to.....Damm Portland. This team can beat them there, but not ideal--I'd rather face #1 seed NC less travel and hopefully tired legs (yes, want to beat their best at their best........but at that point a win will matter more, no matter circumstances!).

Will be interesting to see how it all plays out. It's fun and nice to play this "playoff scenario" game, hope to play it next year with OC (seriously, I'd love to).

Also: yes, I use term damm Portland to describe them, somewhat playfully but mostly out of dislike (Ok, part jealously, too). They are everything I hope Pride to be: a team loaded with talent where people think "O crap, they are coming to our house and we will be lucky for a tie much less win" and "crap, we have to play them in front of their 15,000+ fans, we gonna lose." Basically, the Real Madrid or Bayern Munich of NWSL and worldwide Club soccer!!

There you have it. Feedback appreciated.......really sucks to write all this and nobody cares and/or comments.