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Orlando City vs. Vancouver Whitecaps: Photo Gallery

We go into the lens for all the images from the Lions vs. the Whitecaps at Orlando City Stadium.

Nick Leyva, The Mane Land

Orlando City is a soccer team that doesn’t seem to let performance dictate results. Whether the Lions play well or not, the results haven’t been coming and that was never more evident than in last night’s 2-1 home loss to Vancouver.

The Whitecaps had no desire whatsoever to attack Orlando or try to score. Coming across the continent on short rest and starting several backups, the visitors looked content to try to defend goal and hopefully get something on the counter. They did that, but they also got a gift own-goal from Tommy Redding that allowed them to escape Orlando with all three points.

They also got many gifts from the Lions on the other end of the pitch. Orlando City players had great difficulty directing shots within the goal frame. Very few shots off target go in, and so the Lions scored only one time on four shots on goal. That 25% conversion rate would look much better had they managed to get 12 or 16 of their 25 attempts on frame, but, alas, here we are looking at three more dropped points.

Despite that, the players did a lot of things well in the course of the 94 minutes of normal plus injury time and we hope that these images capture some of the excitement from the match. Apologies for there being fewer photos than usual, but due to a prior engagement I couldn’t stay for the entire match. Enjoy!