Pride's continued playoff push and roster questions

While the OC senior boys are struggling, nice to see the Pride and OCB coming on strong and making an end of season playoff push (maybe too late, but wouldn't it be nice to see OC do the same now--thought it was too late for Pride but now in thick of it so who knows?!).

For those that are paying attention--doesn't seem like many and surely not enough but will take even bandwagon fans happily now--Pride have rather suddenly it seems put together the type of run and play many of us knew they were capable of delivering. Its very nice and dammed entertaining to watch, even for the "snobby soccer purists" who think womens game not worthy, Pride are more than "worthy." And I'm a snobby soccer purist!!!

For those that follow/care, I've looked at playoff picture of each realistically-contending team (leaves out DC, Boston, & likely Houston) and it does get interesting, with each team having pros and cons to remaining schedule. NWSL website just today posted same info (if they'd done that 3 days ago save me a lotta research!) Pride have a reasonably pro schedule, especially after this weekend IF they win at KC (should, but as said before certainly not a gimme now) turns very pro with three home games, two teams certainly tough but all winnable before finale at NC--hope that game is meaningless and 1 & 2 seeds playing in that one (could happen) just to play out regular season. Too many other possibilities to mention, but with following and watching.

In terms of roster, addressed this issue before with answers from some but no definitive authority answers. Got me thinking even more tonite after Chicago claimed Morgan Profit off waivers--why didn't we grab her, we do have space as mentioned before?? I know we have a player on IR (no offence but forgot her name, Jack has all that embedded in his brain, I'm getting too old and coming down with CRS disease) so maybe Maddies spot for her, plus another International spot not filled (I'll ask again, that have to be filled or can fill with anyone?). I know anyone we bring in now not likely to be so good so as to be the one to put us over the top (with the one rumored exception, but that window closing fast) but if we have the spots, even though we're are in middle of playoff chase, would we not fill roster with young talent (as Jack so eloquently pointed out, we have but could use more of and seemingly never have enough of)?? Unless there is indeed something brewing roster-wise and will be revealed very soon........ Not complaining, just wondering...............