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PawedCast Episode 99: Austin Martz Interview, NYRB Recap, Crew Preview and More

OCB midfielder Austin Martz stops by to talk about the USL season, plus Orlando City, the Pride, Kaká, and more.

Carlos Romero, The Mane Land

It’s been another rough summer week for Orlando City, with a road loss in New Jersey, an injury that kept Dom Dwyer out of the lineup, a really bizarre red card that has Kaká out of the lineup this coming weekend, and probably other stuff we probably haven’t thought of. But hey, the Pride and OCB both won and seem to be on a roll.

Orlando City B midfielder Austin Martz has been along for the OCB ride and he’s here to talk with us about all those draws, what it was like to finally hit the net, and a lot more. It’s been a crazy run for the USL side, which has designs on a second straight postseason appearance.

Plus, we’re talking about the Pride’s big win over Sky Blue, the debut of Yoshimar Yotun, and much more, including #AskTMLPC, and our key match-ups and score predictions for Orlando vs. Columbus!

Here’s how it all happened:

0:13- Hey, we’re as sick of the losses as anyone but let’s maybe put the engine together with the brand new parts before complaining that the car won’t start. Plus, we are #FilledWithPride and let’s hear it for eight games without a loss for OCB.

46:47- Austin Martz joins us and has the best Natty Bo story we’ve ever heard on the PawedCast. He also touches on Anthony Pulis, his teammates, the roller coaster of the USL season, and more.

1:01:46- A pretty full #AskTMLPC mailbag this week, plus our key match-ups and score predictions for Orlando City vs. Columbus Crew.

Got a question? Just tweet it to us @TheManeLand with the hashtag #AskTMLPC.