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Top Three Overreactions by Orlando City Supporters

Fans have strong feelings, and sometimes they can get out of hand. We look to see if it’s justified or not.

MLS: Chicago Fire at Orlando City SC Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As supporters we take the ups and downs of our teams very, very seriously. So much so, that we may have occasion to overreact. Here are some of the most prevalent examples. If you find yourself arguing over these points, perhaps thou dost protest too much? Let’s have some fun and list our top three overreactions this season — and remember, we’re fans too, so we do this at times, ourselves (what goes on in our staff chat room stays in our staff chat room).

Poor Player Performances

We’ll use Kaká as our example. There’s been quite a bit of talk surrounding Kaká and his performances this year. There was the injury to start the season, a lack of pace during some games, and his production is down over last year. It has been said that he’s getting too old, that he’s not worth his salary. But, let’s take a closer look.

In the 2016 Season, Kaká scored nine goals, and had 10 assists. So far in 2017, he has three goals and four assists. That would seem to confirm his decline, but Orlando City’s team production is down as well. The Lions scored 55 goals in 2016, and have only 22 goals over halfway through the season. It’s not just Kaká. There are plenty of reasons, including travel, roster changes, formations, and so forth. Is Kaká getting older? Of course. Is he still an impactful player? Of course. Supporters do this with many players. Sometimes the criticism is fair, but often it is an overreaction in the heat of the moment.

Personnel Changes

Given that we’re in the transfer window, there is plenty of speculation, and tons of questions flying around. Ever since Orlando City didn’t re-sign Matias Perez Garcia, supporters have been aching to know who the Lions are going to acquire. Will it be Juan Quintero, or perhaps the Lions finally bring in Javier “Chicharito” Hernández. It almost doesn’t matter from a supporter’s view because once it happens there will be strong opinions voiced in all caps online.

If Orlando City does pull off a big splashy signing, it will be seen as the greatest thing to happen to the Lions in a while. If the team doesn’t, there will be outrage! That outrage will be misplaced given what we know about how Jason Kreis picks players. Anyone still upset about Scott Sutter, Jonathan Spector, or Will Johnson?

The Refs

It’s a thankless job. If you do it well, there’s no recognition. If you mess up, well the fans let you know on which street in Orlando you belong. You don’t have the benefit of instant recall (at least as of yet), though the Video Assistant Referee system is coming. No matter what team you support, the officials always seem to be against you.

Generally speaking, the calls should even out over the course of the season. Supporters aren’t going to see it that way. Even a coach might think the refs are screwing the team over at home.

Wait, I’m sorry. This one might not be an overreaction. After all, PRO gonna PRO.

There are other ways that supporters overreact, but these are the ones I thought of. Feel I missed one (or two)? Well, then leave a comment and tell me what I missed. Think I’m way off on all of this? Tell me. As I said, let’s have some fun.