A question about two Lion, one Pride

I posted this question under Saturday's Lion Links but got no takers on the answer, and with the volume of articles posted on ManeLand (good thing!) it doesn't take long for articles--and hence comments to them--to get moved down and out of view. So, trying this way--anyone know answer?? I'm adding the part about Morgan, too, this time.

For how long is Larin under contract? And, it’s seems as though it’s just not if but when he leaves— $$$ he can make I presume (although if he continues as he last last few games he will still be here a while!)?? It's suggested/said it’s the high $$ we would get would replace Larin on field, I’d it’s clear he will leave how does his replacement shake out—we use that money to basically swap Larin for another, older, downward European striker??

Also, regarding Alex: any further update on her status, health and contract-wise (i.e. any more tweets from the French twit who own Lyon?). IF IF IF she comes back to Pride next month (I think is time frame), means we will have to release or trade someone...............just who and how that gonna work to make space, especially since we just signed Rachel Hill--getting crowded at forward, and I don't see us getting rid of any of our youth we have (since as Jack has pointed out, we won't be building on youth thru draft next year or so).