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Orlando Pride Reveal New 2017 Home Kits

Gone are the blue arm stripes in favor of a new sleeve design.

Image courtesy of Orlando Pride

The Orlando Pride dropped their new home jersey design for 2017 on the world this morning, revealing a slick new look for the upcoming NWSL season. Toni Pressley, Steph Catley, and Jamia Fields modeled the new shirts in a photo shoot captured on this page.

Here’s another look at the old home shirt, for comparison:

Matt Starkey, The Mane Land

And here’s the new one:

Image courtesy of Orlando Pride

I would like the players to be more careful because all three of these members of the Pride have apparently ripped their jeans. Hey, they play hard, right?

The old sleeves were the classic purple with two blue bands — one on the end and one midway down. The new sleeves incorporate the same blue but in a sort of pattern with flecks of the purple mixed in. The end of the sleeve features a blue and purple vertically striped band on the cuff. The left shoulder has the NWSL logo patch. The right shoulder features a patch for the Lifetime network, a new broadcast partner for the league. The neckline is a purple band that is somewhere between a crew and v-neck collar. I’m sure it has some fancy fashion name but I’m not up on the lingo.

The front of the jersey is emblazoned with the traditional positioning of the club logo, the familiar Orlando Health sponsor logo in white, as well as a white Nike swoosh on the right chest.

We haven’t seen the shorts or socks to go with the shirt yet but so far we’ve seen no visual evidence that suggests the Pride will be unseated as the best dressed team in the NWSL. (OK, maybe we have a slight bias.)

What do you think of the new shirt?