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Disappointment and Excitement for Scott Sutter in his Orlando City Debut

After making his first match with the Lions, the fullback regrets the result and looks forward to more matches with the team.

Lauren Bacho, The Mane Land

COLUMBUS, OH — When he signed with Orlando City almost a month ago, Scott Sutter could not predict that his debut would be in the team’s first 2017 MLS defeat or that he would come off the bench to play a little over 20 minutes against Columbus Crew SC. Because of that, the Swiss fullback described his first match with the club as a mix of excitement and disappointment.

“It’s not often that you come on the pitch as a right back in that situation, but it was a chance for me and I was really excited to be part of it,” he said after Saturday’s match at Mapfre Stadium. “Obviously it was a shame that we didn’t get the result we were looking for. I am disappointed. This is not how I expected my first game, but with that being said, we just need to look forward. I am probably not 100% yet and may need a couple more weeks, but can’t wait to have more games under my belt.”

According to, Sutter had one tackle, one dribble, one shot, and an 83.3% passing accuracy during his time on the field. The player, though, was directly involved in the Crew’s second goal, being beaten by Justin Meram before he scored.

“It was tough because the whole team was caught on forward movement,” he said. “We were going forward after we secured the ball so I kind of bombed forward and when we lost it I sprinted back, but I should have not let Meram in. That was a mistake of my part. It was a simple mistake, but it led to a goal, so these are the kind of mistakes we have to avoid to get better.”

The play didn’t go unnoticed by Head Coach Jason Kreis, who mentioned it during his post-game evaluation on the player’s debut.

“We’ll have a look. I know that he was involved with the goal against us and that their player dribbled across him,” Kreis said. “So we’ll look at it a little bit more clinically and talk to him because every player needs to understand completely and exactly what we want.”