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Pride Pub: Orlando City vs. LA Galaxy

Pride Pub is open and ready with your grub and grog selections for Saturday’s match against the LA Galaxy. Whether you’re heading to the stadium or hosting a watch party, you’ll be top chef.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Orlando City SC Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Another home win last weekend, and another home match coming up. Orlando City hosts the LA Galaxy this Saturday, in the only match-up between the two squads this season. Let’s hope the lads can keep the home unbeaten streak going. In that spirit, we’ve pulled together your grub and grog selections for the match.

Just a reminder on how this works: we choose a craft beer from the country/state/city of our opponent and we include an appropriate recipe to go along with it. Of course, we also choose a Florida craft beer to complement our other recipe and to represent our Orlando City Lions here in the beautiful Sunshine State.

From California: Lagunitas IPA, Lagunitas Brewing Company

Founded by Tony Magee in 1993, Lagunitas Brewing Company has grown immensely over the years. In 2004, the brewery had a 27,000-barrel capacity, which then grew to over 600,000 barrels, and with the addition of two more breweries will have a capacity of over 1,900,000 barrels. That’s a lot of beer. Thankfully, Florida is one of the 32 states in which the brewery has distribution rights. Lagunitas IPA is about as solid an example of the style as you can get, and one that I thoroughly enjoy.

According to the brewery:

"This is is our unique version of an ancient style. A style as old as the ocean trade routes of the last centuries of Great Ships. Not as old as the equator they had to cross twice en route, nor as old as the 10,000 miles or so of Di-Hydrogen Oxide and Sodium upon which they sailed, but older than the Circulithium-4 Lentoid that binds the Lupulin Quartnate onto your taste buds. Weird. Think about it. Now stop. OK, go again. Now stop. Think again. And stop. But we digress. Made with 43 different hops and 65 various malts, this redolent ale will likely float your boat, whatever planet you're on."

Ok, that was a little weird. Fortunately, they also said this:

“A well-rounded, highly drinkable IPA. A bit of Caramel Malt barley provides the richness that mellows out the twang of the hops.”

Pair with: California Style BBQ Chicken Pizza. Pizza and beer. Is there anything better? Sticking with the Cali theme, enjoy this delicious California style pizza with BBQ chicken that helps it stand up to the hops of the IPA.

Dave’s Recommendations: California Green Salad. A little Avocado and almonds goes a long way in brightening up the traditional side salad.

From Florida: Wheat Stroke, Coppertail Brewing Co.

You may not know that there is a sea monster in Tampa Bay named Coppertail. I certainly didn’t know, but evidently the daughter of Coppertail Brewing Co. founder Kent Bailey did know. She provided the inspiration for the brewery’s name, and local design firm Spark provided some of the most interesting labels appearing on beer bottles anywhere. That includes their American Wheat, Wheat Stroke.

According to the brewery:

“An easy drinking attitude and a touch of citrus peel make this wheat ale our beer of choice when it’s hot and humid out. Formulated for maximum protection from the Florida heat.”

Pair with: Tropical Grilled Shrimp Salad. American Wheat beers are best with lighter fare, and this tropical grilled shrimp salad fits the bill. Neither the beer nor the salad will overpower the other, allowing you to enjoy both to the fullest.

Dave’s Recommendations: Fresh Bread with Olive Oil Dip. It’s like being at a fancy restaurant with plates and everything. Actually, if you haven’t done the olive oil dip before you should give it a try even if it’s not for the match.

Thanks for stopping by the Pride Pub, Mane Landers. Let us know which pairing you went with in the comments below, while you enjoy watching the Lions take on the LA Galaxy this Saturday. Go City!