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Meet the New Guy: Ben Sundock

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Introducing The Mane Land’s newest contributor, a newfound Orlando City supporter ready to help cover the club.

It was the video game FIFA 12 that first got me interested in watching soccer. Since I decided to become a Real Madrid fan and a dedicated follower to the USMNT five years ago now, I haven’t missed a moment of any of the biggest soccer matches in the world.

Since that time, I have started to follow Major League Soccer and the best American youth talent in the country. I felt like the 2013 announcement that Orlando City SC would become an MLS franchise, in one of my favorite cities in the country, with one of my favorite former Real Madrid players, Kaká, was the perfect team for me at the perfect time.

I frequently travel to Orlando across the year and like so many others, I too make frequent Disney World visits with my family to this day. All in all, it was a match made in heaven myself and OCSC. Living in the southeast makes supporting the Lions and watching their games so easy and I never miss a moment.

I am so excited to join on as a member of The Mane Land not only because of my love for Orlando City, MLS, and soccer as a whole, but also because I get the opportunity to write about the sport I love and my favorite team in the league of the country I call home.

It has been so much fun watching players like Cyle Larin, Kaká, and Joe Bendik, and now I have the chance to actually write and talk about them. Despite the game this past weekend being postponed due to weather, I am still closely following and reading everything Orlando City to try and stay on top of all the news.

I am so excited to get started, and I hope you all enjoy reading my content and enjoy reading about Orlando City!

I look forward to what the future holds!