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Meet the New Guy: Jonathan Foreman

Introducing The Mane Land’s youngest writer. Ever.

Jonathan Foreman meeting Portuguese legend Luís Figo at a soccer tournament in Sarasota.

Ever since I was six years old I have been passionate about soccer. I love to play it, watch it, and, of course, write about it. My passion for the beautiful game comes from the fact that I spent most of my early life living in Jamaica. Many people don’t know this, but soccer is actually a massive part of Jamaican culture.

Though I have watched soccer my whole life, it wasn’t until last year that I began regularly watching Major League Soccer games. After a few games, I was immediately hooked. What I truly loved was the fact that you could have a player the caliber of Kaká and a young American player like Justen Glad go head to head as equals.

When I first began watching MLS games, I didn’t really have a favorite team. I would cling more to certain players. My favorites in MLS were Giovinco, Kaká, Pirlo, and Tim Howard. I had first become fans of these players because of their great success in Europe and I have continued to support them now that they play in the U.S.

As a direct result of my love for Kaká’s play, and also my proximity to the city, I was definitely bound to become an Orlando City fan. As soon as I became an OCSC fan it was clear to see that there was something very special about this fan base. Everybody that is a part of the MLS family knows about the raucous fans in Seattle but I genuinely believe that it is only a matter of time before us Lions get the recognition that we deserve.

This passion from the fans fueled me. It has motivated me to try and find whatever ways I can to get involved with this magnificent club. That’s where The Mane Land comes in. This site has given me a fantastic opportunity by allowing me to write for them and I plan to repay them in full by writing great content.