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Meet the New Guy: Daniel Garza

Introducing yet another new Mane Land’s writer, who is just joining the team. Here’s his soccer story in his own words.

Dan Garza

Orlando City has been my favorite club since it joined Major League Soccer. In 2015, the addition of Kaká sparked my interest even more, as the Brazilian midfielder had been one of my favorite players at Real Madrid. Without a club to support in my home state of Michigan, I chose to support Orlando City.

Soccer has been a big part of my life, I played through my sophomore year of high school and still enjoy joining pick-up games. Even though I moved away from the sport from an athletic standpoint, I have always wanted to work and be around the game in my future career. As a current college student, I hope to be able to use my sports marketing and management degree to get into the United States soccer sphere.

Seeing the game grow in the U.S is something I am very passionate about. I truly believe that the game has a place in the U.S, and that it will one day be one of the mainstream sports. I am particularly excited about being able to cover the United State Women’s Team which will allow me to play my part in exposing the future generations to their success.

All levels of soccer in the U.S. interest me, from the United Soccer League to the National Women’s Soccer League. The Orlando City B team contains a large amount of potential and being able to cover the future stars of the club will be exciting. I believe that it’s critical to cover these leagues.

I hope you enjoy my writing and I look forward to providing coverage on The Mane Land.