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Meet The New Guy: Daniel Turcios

Introducing The Mane Land's new Honduran writer.

I’m on the far right.

For some people soccer is just a sport. For others it's a way of life. I fall in the second category. As a Honduran native, soccer was a part of me since I started walking. I remember going to the local stadium and watching the games with great passion at such an early age.

As I grew up, my dependence for the sport only increased. Winning a few medals playing for my elementary and middle school team in national competitions, all the way throughout high school here in the U.S., I always believed I was meant to become a professional one day. It was always my biggest dream. But, as you all know, some dreams just stay as such.

As I kept on playing through my highschool years I started to follow the games from a different perspective. I started to focus games from a more analytical point of view.

Very few people focus on the strategy of the game — the strengths of each player on the pitch and the ever-changing formations in modern day soccer. After watching the Italian Serie A for most of my life, I believe I've acquired a vast knowledge of how the game is played. By following great managers like Arrigo Sacchi, Fabio Capello and Marcello Lippi, to the most recent ones, like Antonio Conte, Massimiliano Allegri and Carlo Ancelotti, I learned this is more than just a sport. In many cases it's a perfect science. This knowledge helped me join various Serie A discussion groups around the web. This way, I could share my thoughts and learn from others.

MLS has great growth potential and in recent years this has been proven. I used to follow it back in the days when the New York Red Bulls were called the Metro Stars. It's important that new franchises have emerged in the league which will only help an ever-growing fan base. Now more than ever, this is vital, due to the intense expansion of the Chinese Super League, which is acquiring some of the best talent around the world. I am confident not only the fan base but also the quality of the game will increase in MLS.

I am very grateful to The Mane Land for giving me the opportunity to write about "The King Sport" and, more importantly, to share my thoughts and news on one of the best emerging teams in MLS. What I admire the most about Orlando City SC is its player diversity and passionate fans. It's an honor to be here.