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Lion Links: 12/29/17

Marta a top WoSo moment, A Chapecoense survivor scores, Pulisic wins GOTM, and much more.

Australia v Brazil
Photo by Ashley Feder/Getty Images

Welcome to the very last Friday of 2017, folks. It has been a year of amazing ups, heart-stopping downs, hellos, and goodbyes. I cannot help but look back upon this year with great joy, even though some of those moments of joy are still a little blurry. We are elbow deep in scouring the internet to bring you the latest news on all of the insanity that is the first team roster right now, and trust me when I say that we will let you know as soon as we know (barring we can also get confirmation from legit sources) of any player movement in or out of the club.

Before we go any further, we at The Mane Land want to make sure we wish Orlando City Head Coach Jason Kreis a very happy birthday and a big congratulations on another successful 940,000,000 mile trip through space on this pale blue dot. And now to something somewhat different.

Top Women’s Soccer Moments of 2017

How could you even have this list without mention of the Orlando Pride signing Marta. In terms of women’s soccer, the term GOAT and Marta’s name have been used in the same sentence for some time now. Regardless of your thoughts on that, you cannot argue the impact she had when she took the field for the Pride. The bigger impact may have been how she affected the players around her, giving them the opportunity to shine and boost the overall play of the team.

Regarding Those Transfer Rumors

LOL, I’ve got nothing for this.

Former OCB Defender is POTM

Former OCB player Kyle Callan-McFadden is currently playing for the Sligo Rovers in the League of Ireland Premier Division. He just picked up the Wehrlys' Player of the Month award for December. Congratulations Kyle.

Chapecoense Plane Crash Survivor Scores

It has been a little over two years since the tragic plane crash that took the lives of almost the entire Chapecoense Football team. People are still doing what they can to help and heal the community after this devastating tragedy. During a recent charity match, Jackson Follman, a crash survivor, subbed on. I will let the video tell the rest of the story, as it gets you in the feels.

USA’s Best Men’s Players Number 20-11

The countdown continues for FourFourTwo as the current installment gives us their picks for the best U.S. Men’s Players in spots 20-11. Plenty of very notable names across a myriad of MLS teams, and some players playing overseas. I wont ruin the entire list, but I was glad to see Deandre Yedlin (currently playing in England for Newcastle) and Weston McKennie (currently playing in Germany for Schalke) this high up on the list.

Biggest MLS Off-Pitch Soccer Culture Moments

End of the year means end of the year lists (I’ll give you mine as a Free Kick shortly) and MLS is cranking them out as the sands of the hourglass grow thin. The newest list is the biggest off-pitch moments in soccer culture for 2017. Sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it. I am guessing you can guess how Orlando City made this list.

Pulisic Wins Goal of the Month

If the American wunderkind Christian Pulisic hasn’t done enough this year to show that the future is bright for American soccer, here is one last cherry for that hot fudge sundae before New Years. I mean, this goal is just filthy, and that touch is divine.

Free Kicks
  • The MLS SuperDraft is about three weeks out. Some great talent is available, and some names are starting to sneak out for who may get the Generations Adidas tags.
  • The USWNT had a pretty good year. Here are 17 key figures that you might be interested in and the players who helped make it happen. Hint, Alex Morgan might be on the list.
  • Have adults ruined children’s sports? This is going to be a subject debated more and more over the coming years, and something everyone needs to pay attention to.
  • Football careers can lead to bigger and better things apparently.
  • TheBeardedGuy’s top moments of 2017:
  1. First Match in Orlando City Stadium
  2. First USMNT match
  3. Beginning to contribute to The Mane Land
  4. Continuing traditions with friends and family
  5. Getting to respond to a comment on an article I wrote that claimed that the music I tirelessly try to introduce you to is nothing but noise.

That’s all I got today folks. Remember to send coach a big happy birthday message, keep your eyes out for those player moves, be courteous to the players leaving and coming, and above all, call out the trolls that seem to feel it is fine to get on social media and denigrate players and the club. I am all for criticism, but when it goes too far, it is up to us to put the keyboard cowboys in their place. Looking forward to 2018 with you all. If you see me, stop and say hello, and let’s chat footy over a pint or three.