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Lion Links: 11/24/17

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Food comas, Pulis ready for new challenge, Kaká undecided, Maradona’s return, and more.

AC Milan v Austria Wien - UEFA Europa League
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Morning, Mane Landers, I hope those tryptophan food comas have finally worn off and you are gearing up for a lovely day of dealing with the hordes and throngs of Black Friday shoppers, throwing fists and elbows to make sure they get that new Tickle Me Elmo. In case you aren’t planning on dealing with the crowds, please allow us to bring you the most delicious Thanksgiving leftovers for your interweb perusing pleasure.

But before we dive right in, let’s take a moment to recognize today’s date as the day The Mane Land made the move to SB Nation in 2014. It has been a great three years covering our three teams here in Orlando and hopefully we have many more years ahead of us here at SBN.

Pulis Ready for Everything

For the past six years, Anthony Pulis has only known one thing: Orlando City. His family, and especially his two small children, only know Orlando; however, Pulis and his family are about to take a very big step as he assumes the reigns of St. Louis FC of the USL. Pulis will soon be able to drive a ship as he sees fit, without the overarching reach of an MLS coach and without worrying about a constantly rotating roster.

Rumors Surface About Kaká’s Future

I think we would all like to know what the Lions’ first DP, and first captain, is going to do after leaving Orlando City. Will he find a new club and continue to lace up the black boots? Will he retire from play and take up a coaching position, or possibly some other function within a club’s management section? Well, the man himself has said he has not made up his mind, but some offers and ideas are out there.

San Jose Manager Rumors

That time of the year continues, with more and more rumors running amok in MLS. San Jose may be confirming its new manager soon, but ESPN columnist Jeff Carlisle may have the scoop on who that individual is.

Diego Maradona Wants Back In

Whether you know his name as one of the best footballers in history, being sent home due to failing a drug test, or from the “hand of god” goal, Maradona is a name that always elicits some emotion when heard. Chances are, we might see more of the Argentine legend soon, as he may be a figure on Argentina’s bench soon. His coaching record isn’t stellar, but his charisma cannot be questioned.

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